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Toni Pons

Combining traditional techniques with the Mediterranean flare for creating stunning footwear, Toni Pons offer a range of sublime espadrilles.

Founded in 1946, Toni Pons use over 70 years of experience to craft footwear your feet will love. In 1968 the company expanded, moving from Osor to Girona, and in 1991 they expanded again, into the French market. 2008 saw a global expansion for Toni Pons with stockists worldwide.

Toni Pons sums up their ethos as ‘PASSION, TRADITION, NATURAL, QUALITY, DESIGN’. Working with these values at their core ensures sublime footwear is produced. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding Mediterranean landscape, Toni Pons are a celebration of nature and its glory. Their use of traditional techniques paired with modern twists on design ensures a unique product. They use a natural jute for the soles of their footwear paired with the natural leather and fabric uppers ensures a comfortable and breathable finish. The use of stitch construction forms a strong bond between the sole unit and the upper while allowing the shoes to remain fantastically flexible.


Espadrilles have been worn in some form since the 14th century in Mediterranean countries with very little change. The use of jute or esparto grasses for the sole units has continued with the fibres being woven into ropes and twisted to create the soles. Classically, the espadrille has a flat sole unit but often more modern versions feature a wedge heel. Perfect for wearing in the summer or on holiday, espadrilles combine comfort and style with ease. Try the 1002-70 Norma for the ultimate in holiday wear, paired with shorts or a sundress. Buy your Toni Pons ladies espadrilles from Begg Shoes, an official Toni Pons stockist.

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