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Read our Skechers Size Conversion Chart & Guide to find your size. Skechers are one of the most well-known footwear brands, thanks to their superb comfort and easy-to-wear styles. We are often asked about the Skechers size conversion, as they are manufactured in US sizes before being converted to UK and EU sizes.

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Skechers Size Conversion Chart – Convert UK, EU & US.

2 35 3
2.5 35 3.5
3 36 4
3.5 36 4.5
4 37 5
4.5 37 5.5
5 38 6
5.5 39 6.5
6 39 7
6.5 40 7.5
7 41 8
7.5 41 8.5
8 42 9
8.5 42 9.5
9 43 10
9.5 44 10.5
10 45 11
10.5 45 11.5
11 46 12
11.5 46 12.5
12 47 13
12.5 47 13.5
13 48 14
13.5 48 14.5
14 49 15

Skechers Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers True to Size?

From many years of experience in stores, customer feedback has shown that Skechers generally fit true to their UK size. This does vary for some styles however, in general, the UK size can be considered to be reasonably accurate.

Are Skechers Wide Fitting?

Skechers offer Relaxed Fit versions as well as select Wide Fit styles, both of which are wide fitting and offer extra room. Experience in stores has taught us that Skechers relaxed fit is usually a great option for a wider-fitting trainer. Skechers wide-fit trainers can be a great option for those needing wider-fitting shoes. The extra width across the toe box offers a comfier fit, and the uppers are often made from soft textiles to provide a flexible and comfortable fit.

Do Skechers Provide Arch Support?

Skechers have paid particular attention to creating shoes fit for individuals with flat feet and overpronation. The result is Skechers Arch Fit – a stylish and comfortable range that provides support through built-in arch support.

Do Skechers OFFER Half Sizes?

Skechers shoes are manufactured in whole sizes, with some styles available in whole and half sizes. Our customers often find Skechers to be a roomy-fitting brand, due to the conversion from the US manufactured size. We recommend sizing down a half or whole size where possible.

Are Skechers Waterproof?

Skechers have a range of waterproof shoes, which have been constructed with a Tex membrane.  The range spans from sporty waterproof trainers to all-terrain boots with custom air-cool memory foam making them some of the most comfortable boots around.

Are Skechers Machine Washable?

Skechers have a range of machine-washable shoes, for both adults and children. We have detailed this feature in the product information underneath the size selections you can find which styles are machine washable.

Are Skechers Good for Hiking?

If you are doing a lot of walking, Skechers trainers might not be the best choice due to their very soft and lightweight construction. However, Skechers offers a range of outdoor hiking and walking styles that are great value for money and well adapted to dog walking or light hiking. For more technical hiking or serious mountain climbing, there are more robust and supportive alternatives on the market from other brands.

Do SKechers do Safety Work Shoes?

Yes, Skechers has created a range of safety work shoes, with technical safety features designed for a range of professional settings. They feature the same memory foam comfort as the trainers, however adding in features such as slip-resistant soles and composite safety toes in some styles. Read our review of the Best Skechers Safety Shoes for tips on which styles could be best for you.

What are the Best Skechers for Outdoor Walking & Hiking?

Read our blog post The Best Skechers Walking Shoes and Boots for a review of the latest collection, where we highlight key features and benefits of their outdoor hiking styles.

Buy Skechers At Begg Shoes

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Our Skechers Conversion Guide is based on the Skechers box-front sizes, though as with all footwear, the fit will vary from person to person. Take a look at our Kids Size Conversion Chart if you are looking for kids’ sizes. Also worth a read is our EU to UK Shoe Size Conversion, as many popular footwear brands manufacture their shoes in European sizes.

Skechers Size Conversion Chart - UK, EU and US Adults Sizes