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Browse our range of Fly London which are well known for their distinctive styling, coloured leathers and robust construction. Manufactured to a high standard with top quality leather, Fly London Shoes and Boots are a sure investment. At the end of each season, a select number of styles go into our Fly London Sale.

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Fly London Shoes

As the name suggests Fly London was started in the UK in 1994 and since then has grown to become more than just a brand. They have become a sought after and recognised around the world for their quirky & distinctive designs. Taking inspiration from the lastest trends in colours and materials. Using 4 top types of premium leather to manufacture their boots and shoes, you'll love every pair you try on.

You'll find a great selection of Fly London boots and shoes in-store with our full selection online and available in the following leathers:

  • RUG Leather - named for their classic leather used which is a heavy gauge greased or waxy type of leather. Featured across many styles of the Fly London boots and shoes range.
  • "MOUSSE Leather - this is what they call their softer leather finish which shows more of the grain. Used extensively across the Fly London boots and dress shoe styles.
  • OIL SUEDE Leather - by adding an oil treatment to their suede products they have added a twist to this classic material which is used across a broad selection of their sandals & boots range.
  • DAMANI Leather - the name given to their patent finish to give the footwear a vintage feel.

Fly London footwear is one of our more popular brands at Begg Shoes with their chunky and wedge soles appealing to a vast array of our customers. Try on a pair and you'll fall in love instantly.

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