Best Shoes for Fallen Arches

Fallen Arches

If I got a pound every time somebody told me they hated their feet, I would be a millionaire. It seems like our feet are one of our most hated body parts. I know that some foot health problems such as bunions, corns, and hammertoes are just some of the reasons. However, I very rarely see feet that are as bad as people perceive them to be.

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What can cause Fallen Arches?

Some ill-fitting footwear can cause arches to drop and become flatter. Flimsy ballerina pumps are a prime exampl and this is backed up by The Society of Shoe Fitters training. This type of footwear offer little or no support to our feet. If you are constantly wearing these types of shoes then please get fitted with a pair of comfy and supportive shoes!

How Do you fix Fallen Arches?

In general terms, fallen arches normally occur later in life so as we age. It is important to recognise any possible foot health issues so that you can try to correct them or prevent them from worsening.  Fallen arches lower the shock absorption of your feet which in turn can cause discomfort when walking or running. Also, because the arch has flattened, the natural movement of the foot is distorted.

Are Fallen Arches Painful?

The flattening of the arches is not a painful process so it may be harder to spot. If you think your arches have fallen or dropped, it is best to see your Podiatrist. They may need to prescribe specific orthotic insoles to help with fallen arches.

What does the shape of your feet mean?

Did you know that nobody has the same feet? Your feet will be different from your mother’s and your daughter’s feet will be different from yours. Yes, genes can play a part when it comes to foot health issues, but the most common factor affecting our foot health is our shoes.

In Figure 1, you can see 4 different shoe shapes that are commonly used within the footwear industry. These shoe shapes can greatly impact the shape of the feet inside. Just imagine the damage that could be done to your feet by wearing those pointed-toe shoes all day, every day!

Shoe ShapesHow Should Shoes fit properly?

We all have such different feet. There are similar foot shapes which most of us will fall into one of these categories but there can be very specific needs to try to accommodate as well. In an ideal world, we would all have shoes made to measure by a bespoke shoemaker – this tailored service would ensure we all had shoes which fitted just right.

However, this is not a reality so we have to try and find the best fit possible from a shoe manufacturer instead. This is why we try to stock as many different brands and styles within those brands as possible. This allows us to give the best selection to our customers and help them to find the right fit and style of shoe and Women’s Legero Shoes are one of our favourites.

A naturally low arch shape does not indicate a weak foot – neither does a naturally high arch indicate a strong one!

Is Arch Support important?

When we fit shoes, there are many different factors considered what will the shoes be used for.

  • What style of shoe is the best option?
  • What size and fit will be best?
  • Which shoe brand will offer the right conditions for this specific customer?
  • Does the customer need a wider shoe shape or a narrower shape
  • Does the customer need prominent arch support or low arch support?
  • Will the customer need soft materials or more firm materials?

It isn’t just a case of picking a pair of shoes, rather we try to think of each aspect to ensure we find the right shoes for the customer.

Which shoes Offer the best Arch Support?

Although none of our brands will specifically state they are for low arches or high arches, through training and experience we will find shoes which do have a more prominent arch shaping. Normally, Womens ECCO shoes have a fairly prominent arch support, but not all styles from ECCO will so just ask and we will help find what you are looking for. Find below a few examples of ECCO, Legero and IMAC shoes with various arch supports built within the shoes.

The Best Shoes for Arch Support

1. Legero Tanaro Spot £105

Best Lacing Shoes for fallen arches


Legero Tanaro Shoes

Legero are well know for their supportive and comfy shoes. The Legero Tanaro trainer is a very popular style and at Begg Shoes we have lots of colours for you to choose from. There is built in arch support and a direct injection PU sole unit. These  are lightweight, flexible, hard wearing and shock absorbent.

2. IMAC Edith Slip On £69.99

Best Slip on Shoe for fallen arches

IMAC Shoes for Corns & Calluses

Add a touch of sparkle to your casual outfits with these supportive shoes from IMAC. Made from soft Italian leather, these slip on shoes are lightweight and flexible. Inner arch support helps to raise your arch whilst the padded lining feels amazing.

3. Hotter Chase E Fit £79

Best Wider fit shoes for fallen arches

Hotter Shoes for Diabetes

If you prefer a wider fit shoe, then these comfy lacing shoes from Hotter are sure to do the trick. The E Fit shoes offer a generous fit and feature a gorgeous leather upper with leaf print. The flexible sole unit is shock absorbent and there is arch support within these silver trainers.

4. Romika Sumatra 01 £99

Best walking sandal for fallen arches

Ladies Walking Sandals for Fallen Arches

Add a pop of colour to your summer walks with these Romika walking sandals. Featuring a fully removable insole with arch support, you can add your own orthotics. There are three velcro straps for adjustability and the soft neoprene lining feels great against bare skin.

5. ECCO Biom Fjuel £135

Best Trainers for fallen arches

ECCO Biom FJuel trainers for fallen arches

Perfect for your leisure activities, these ECCO trainers are made from premium leather. The padded collar and cushioned footbed offers incredible comfort, whilst the shock absorbent outsole is lightweight.

6. Gabor Raspa £65

Best Work Shoes for Fallen Arches

Gabor Raspa Black Work Shoes for fallen arches

Ideal for work, a pair of Gabor pumps have built in arch support. The breathable leather uppers are soft and the elasticated trim will hug your feet for a super comfy fit. These supportive pumps have a little lift at the heel and feature Gabor Hovercraft technology.

Do Orthotics help fallen arches?

In short, yes! Wearing supportive orthotics or arch support insoles pushes your feet back into their natural shape. Superfeet offer a range of performance insoles which are designed to offer maximum support, stability and comfort.

The insole volume comes in 3 options; low volume, mid volume and high volume and are ideal for those needing extra support in their footwear.  The arch support technology built into Superfeet Insoles offers stability and reduces the workload on your inner foot – making Superfeet an excellent choice for additional arch support.

To find out more about what makes Superfeet insoles so super, read our blog on these supportive orthotics.

Foot Health Guide Superfeet Insoles
Foot Health Guide Superfeet Insoles