Girls first shoes

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Girls 1st Shoes and Pre-Walkers

Girls 1st WalkersOur collection of girls 1st shoes and pre-walkers is made up of Clarks shoes, Ricosta shoes and kids Skechers. Clarks pre-walkers are specifically designed to be soft and flexible, they have a hardback needed for crawling and the soft sole allows the child to feel the ground beneath them which helps them to develop the balance needed for walking. Clarks also have a range of 1st shoes which have a harder sole. These are all leather lined and have a good level of heel support built into them. These shoes come in a range of width fittings and include a variety of styles such as sandals and shoes. They are all fastened using either Velcro or buckles. These shoes are available in a wide variety of colours such as soft lilac, black and white. The Skechers 1st shoe is a mini version of the adult Skechers Trainers however these have additional support built in for your child’s comfort.

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