Earth Spirit Sandals

Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit Sandals have undergone a rebrand to become Free Spirit, with the same products under a new name. A longstanding favourite with our customers, the highlights in the range include closed-toe options and practical everyday comfortable styles for the summer.

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What Happened to Earth Spirit?

The brand name Earth Spirit has been discontinued in the UK. Its tried and tested range of products have been rebranded under a new name, Free Spirit. Free Spirit offers the same designs, fitting and materials meaning they offer a near-identical substitute. 
Earth Spirit shoes are no longer made, however, under the new brand name Free Spirit, their shoes are for all intents and purposes the same. Customer feedback has been generally positive about the rebranded products on offer, although the change in branding has caused considerable confusion.
Customers have found it very hard to tell the difference between the rebranded products, which are now available in more styles and colours than ever before.
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