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Social & Environmental Policy

Environmental PolicyAt Begg Shoes we are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet through:

  1. Reducing consumption, waste and pollution
  2. Reusing what we have
  3. Recycling everything we can
  4. Conserving energy, water, and other natural resources
  5. Compliance with all environmental regulations
  6. Striving to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products
  7. Educating employees & customers on how we can all make a difference…

What are we doing to help?

  1. We choose our suppliers very carefully & ensure that the factories in which the bags & shoes are produced are ethically compliant with international standards.
  2. We do not operate our business with a warehouse. All shoes are bought from suppliers worldwide and delivered direct to our store. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint as transportation is kept to an absolute minimum.
  3. Our shops are lit using LED fittings which has reduced our electrical consumption by nearly 40% compared to the average retailer.
  4. Investment in systems to facilitate our new “click & collect” service
  5. We believe strongly in donating to charity. As such we frequently donate both shoes and shoe boxes to Blythswood. In the past year we have donated over 1,000 pairs of shoes to Blythswood. They send shoes to Romania and India to help those who all too often do not have the privilege of having any footwear at all. On top of this we collect shoe boxes in-store which are then passed onto Blythswood for their Christmas Shoe Box appeal. This allows thousands of children to get a gift for their Christmas.

How can our customers help?

  • Carriage has a cost to the environment. Please consider that everything you purchase online and subsequently return doubles carbons emissions and impacts on global warming. We therefore suggest that, if any of our shops are in your area, you consider returning goods in person where practicable.
  • Try to use our click & collect service – if we have your chosen item in your chosen store there will be no need to use a courier – thereby reducing emissions.
  • If you have a pair of shoes that are still in good condition (& have a shoe box to match!) but you no longer have a use for them then drop them off to a Blythswood or Begg Shoes shop – we will ensure they reach a good home.