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Size and Fitting Guide

Shoe Size Chart

Adults Size Conversion Chart

The most important principle in Shoe Fitting is that the shoes must fit the feet. Size and fitting guides are just that, a guide point from which to start the fitting process.  

We train our staff to measure consistently and accurately but different measurements (size or fitting) will always happen. This is not a problem in our shops as the fitter understands this will occur and will adapt, however, if a customer is buying online we have no control over this. If you know your size in a specific shoe then you can buy with confidence, for children we always recommend a shop visit.

Shoes need to comfortably support and protect both feet and a trained fitter will ensure this. Being told the size and fitting cannot guarantee a shoe will fit properly. This happens because foot shapes are almost always unique and differ left from right. The sock thickness or even the temperature of the foot will impact on how a shoe fits. Lasts (on which all shoes are made); different materials and increasingly manufacturers size conversions will result in shoes fitting differently from what may be expected; this is an everyday occurrence in a shoe shop.  One of our most asked questions is "How do Rieker Shoes fit?"

Shoe Fitting Specialists

We aim to provide high-quality service and, most importantly, offer you shoes that fit properly and are comfortable. To this end, we train all our sales staff and indeed our entire online customer service team are now Qualified Shoe Fitters with the Society of Shoe Fitters. Quite apart from being the most highly regarded qualification in the trade, the study process ensures a highly competent and knowledgeable shoe fitting specialist.  We now have ten members of staff in our business with this qualification, meaning that when you visit one of our stores, there should always be a Qualified Shoe Fitter available to help.

Please be aware that we can only comment on the comfort of specific shoes in general terms online and relate what we know about our many style choices. If the shoe chosen does not fit, we will be happy to change them within our trading terms but we cannot be held responsible for this. If specifically asked instore, we are happy to advise. 

Shoe Width Fitting Guide UK

The width of your feet is as important as the length when it comes to finding the right pair of shoes.








Very Narrow

- - - D


C - F E





Extra Wide

EE H - H

Extra, Extra Wide

EEE -  - -


 Kids Shoe Size Chart

Kids Size Conversion Chart

In our branches which sell children’s shoes, all of our staff are trained as qualified Clark's Fitters. The membership with Society of Shoe Fitters takes our level of expertise beyond this. Combining our relationship with the Society of Shoe Fitters with our shoemaking heritage and 150 years of shoe retail expertise, we are delighted and able to assist our customers in the art of shoe fitting.

Should you like any further advice on measurement, fitting or any other matter, please contact us. Alternatively have a browse through our thorough How-To blog, explaining how to measure kids feet at home for tips and advice when it comes to footwear for children. Whether you're looking for the Best School Shoes for kids or needing a pair of Kids Waterproof Boots for those rainy days.

Size Conversions

Adult Sizes

Adult  size chart

Kids Sizes

Kids  size chart

Welcome to the Begg Shoes Size Conversion Guide

Our size conversion guide is based on many years of experience in footwear and designed to provide a general guide on which size will work best for you. Some brands convert sizes differently to our chart. Please contact our team for help and advice if you need help finding the best fit for you.