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Men’s Birkenstock sandals are always a style statement whether that statement is that you have been wearing these sandals all your life and don’t intend to change now or signalling that you are a young hipster who wears the latest trends. Birkenstock sandals are instantly recognisable because of their signature anatomically moulded footbed which has been engineered for optimum comfort.  Manufactured in Germany in Birkenstock’s own production facilities which adhere to the highest levels of industry quality standards you can be assured that these sandals are of the very best quality in materials, design and manufacture. Try a pair on in one of our stores or order online with free delivery.

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Birkenstock Mens Shoes

Birkenstock shoes

Birkenstock Shoes

The Birkenstock brand has a deep-rooted history within the footwear industry with the company being founded began back in 1774 by Johann Birkenstock. Although it was later in 1896 when Konrad Birkenstock created the anatomical footbed that has been honed and developed into the footbed we see in today’s mens Birkenstock’s. The contoured lining and footbed were crafted to be as close as possible in replicating the natural shape and support for the foot.

The first pair of their classic ‘Arizona’ sandal was produced and sold in 1973 and is still produced and one of their best-selling styles to date. Birkenstock have medical practitioners backing due to the research which they have done throughout their years into ensuring the foot is supported using the natural shape and allows the foot its natural dynamics during walking, without being confined by normal shoes. The comfort factor is also due to the materials used to make these designs. Birkenstock use footbeds made from a cork-latex mix which is then lined with suede, and an EVA sole unit which provides shock absorption as well as being utilised for the arch support and heel cup of the shoes/sandals. Birkenstock provide your feet with a comfortable, naturally supportive shoe and they also have their own unique style which amassed a loyal following.


Mens Birkenstocks are made only with the highest of quality materials. Their unique construction not only give them long lasting good looks, but they ensure you have durable comfort while wearing a pair no matter which style you’ve chosen.  If you take a moment to think about how feet move when working and how the foot is shaped then you can easily understand where the concept of Birkenstocks comes from.  The footbed of a pair of Birkenstock sandals has been precisely thought out and placed to stretch, flex and move naturally. By doing this your feet will benefit from free movement, constant exercise and improved circulation.  This will result in long lasting comfort and better foot health

A question often asked is; “Are Birkenstock sandals unisex?” To answer, yes there are many of the Birkenstock styles which are unisex. That being said, some have been designed with women's styling and movement in mind - for example the Gizeh and Madrid. However there are styles men can wear that are good substitutes - the Ramses is a toe-post sandal that is styled for both men and women.. Click to learn more about the construction of a pair of Birkenstocks.


Be it leather or animal free, Birkenstock use only high quality materials. The uppers are approximately 3mm thick and make with a supple leather. Birkenstock value the natural properties of their leather and don't use artificial dyes, by doing this the leather remains open-pored with active breathing qualities.  Click to learn more about the materials used in a pair of Birkenstocks.


As Birkenstocks are made in Europe they European sizing. European sizes are unisex whereas UK sizes are different for men and women, so please be sure to use our sizing guide to ensure you order the correct size for you. If you’re unsure, it always advisable to visit one of our shoe shops and get yourself professionally fitted. Visit our store locator to find your nearest Begg Shoes.

Birkenstock have produced a great conversion chart as a general guideline to help you determine your size. In our experience of mens Birkenstock this is a good guide for fitting in relation to UK customers. However your exact size will ultimately depend on the structure of your individual foot and the style of the shoe. Please call us or visit us in store if you require any additional help. Please note that the new Birkenstock shoe boxes have a slightly different conversion chart. Whilst it is an official chart from Birkenstock the manufacturer, we feel our guide is more appropriate in our experience with UK customers. Click to learn more about the Birkenstock sizing options for your next pair of Birkenstocks.

Begg Shoes & Bags is a Birkenstock Stockist. So browse our online collection or pop into one of Shoe Shops to try on a pair. You'll love them on your feet!

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