Men Slippers and Mules

Our selection of men's slippers and house shoes include top brands such as Nordikas & Padders which are suitable for outdoor wear. As well as mule slippers for easy slip on wear. Take a look at our mens slippers sale for a bargain.

50 styles

Men’s Slippers

A real wardrobe essential, slippers make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Ideal for wearing around the house, slippers are exactly what your feet need.

Created from leathers and man-made uppers, slippers offer a comfortable alternative to wearing shoes inside. The use of leathers and sheepskins for uppers creates a breathable and soft upper while man-made uppers create a more affordable without compromising on comfort. The addition of rubber and polymer sole units offers a more durable finish that can be worn for nipping outside.

Styles of Slippers

Mule Style Slippers

This backless style of mens slippers is perfect for slipping on and off with ease. The uppers of our range of mule style slippers feature leather, sheepskin or man-made uppers. A variety of sole units allows us to have something for everyone.

Closed slippers

These slippers feature an enclosed back and solid sole unit making them suitable for popping outside in. Also known as a ‘back-in’ slipper or ‘Albert’ slipper, this style is both practical and stylish. The use of leather or man-made uppers in our range ensures there is something for everyone.

Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin is one of nature’s wonder products. Incredibly flexible and soft, sheepskin also self-regulates temperature and draws moisture from the feet. Ideal for everyday wear, our blog on sheepskin slippers offers a more detailed look at their incredible properties.

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