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Best Shoes For UK Nurses IN 2023 – Expert Recommendations & Reviews

Our comprehensive guide to the best shoes for nurses is designed to be the ultimate resource for choosing the perfect footwear to support you through those long, challenging shifts. Unlike other reviews, this guide is influenced by over 150 years of collective knowledge, ensuring you get expert advice that stands the test of time.

It goes without saying that Nursing is a demanding job that involves spending hours on your feet each day. Whether you’re a seasoned nursing professional or a dedicated student, the importance of choosing the right shoes cannot be overstressed.

In this blog, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of nursing shoes, examining different styles, materials, and features that make a significant difference in your daily grind.

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Shoes We Recommend for Nurses: Independently Reviewed

1. Best Overall – Clarks Un Loop, £75

The Clarks Un Loop is our best overall choice and a longstanding favourite in the nursing community. These comfort slip-on shoes have accent stitching and functional button detail for a unique look and a square toe box offers additional space to allow feet to expand. These are favoured by those who are constantly on their feet throughout the working day.

Clarks Un Loop Black shoes for nurses



  • Quality leather upper for lasting comfort
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Easy slip-on fit
  • Half sizes available



  • Extremely popular – expect to match with colleagues
  • Not waterproof




2. Best Value For Money – Alpina Eikelea, £85

This is undoubtedly the most popular value-for-money option on the market. These waterproof shoes boast many features suitable for nurses but are not specifically tailored to the needs of life on the ward.

Alpina Eikelea Tex Black Slip On Shoes



  • Secure Fit via Elastic Gussets
  • Waterproof Tex Membrane
  • Lightweight & Flexible Sole
  • Value For Money
  • Wide Fit



  • Not as breathable as non-waterproof options
  • No adjustable fastening



3. Best For Style – Legero Tanaro GTX Zip, £120

When it comes to high-quality comfort, Legero is one of the leading brands in our collection and the Tanaro is one of their tried and tested styles. These lacing shoes are available in a wide variety of colours, along with options to have a zip and lace or just laces on their own. There are also available without the Gore-Tex membrane if this is not a requirement in your field.

Legero Tanaro GTX Zip Lacing Shoes are recommended for nurses



  • Quality Leather Upper
  • Gore-tex = Guaranteed Waterproof
  • Removable Insole
  • Laces Allow for Tightening
  • Stylish Design
  • Available in Multiple Colours
  • Shock absorbent



  • Price




4. Best For Long Shifts – IMAC Klizia 2V, £75

These shoes are perfect for nurses who spend all day on their feet – we suspect all of you! Made in Italy, this shoe will make running up & down the halls of a hospital ward or doctor’s room all day a breeze.

Imac Klizia Comfort shoes with two velcro straps



  • Lightweight
  • Italian Leather Upper
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Padded Collar
  • Breathable & Absorbent
  • Side Zip for Quick Fastening
  • Excellent value for money



  • Not a Recognised Brand



5. Best For Safety Features – Skechers Squad, £62

For those after a pair of nursing shoes in a trainer style, then these Skechers Work Shoes are ideal. They boast many features that will make standing on your feet all day more comfortable.

Skechers Work Squad Slip Resistant Safety Shoes



  • Slip-Resistant Rubber Traction
  • Slightly Wider Fit
  • Stretchy bungee laces
  • Electrical Hazard Safe Design



  • Not waterproof
  • Not as durable as other brands



6. Machine Washable Shoes for Nurses – Skechers Slip Ins Breathe Easy, £84

While not practical in every setting, the hands-free fastening on offer from Skechers Slip Ins makes them a much improved all-day work shoe compared to a standard Skechers trainer. The machine-washable design makes them easy to clean and care for.

Skechers Slip Ins All Black Trainers for Nurses



  • Available in Black and Navy
  • Handsfree Slip-on design
  • Elasticated Fit
  • Super Supportive Footbed
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam
  • Wide Fit
  • Vegan
  • Machine washable



  • Not Leather
  • Not waterproof



7. Best Trainers – Ecco MX Womens Gore, £120

For nurses looking for a premium trainer, the MX trainer from Ecco is ideal. This lightweight fashionable trainer has cushioning in abundance and is suitable for a busy day on the ward and then your run home afterwards.

Ecco MX Womens Gore Tex Trainers for Nurses



  • Fashionable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable Material
  • Extremely Cushioned
  • Gore-Tex Guaranteed Waterproof
  • Removable insole



  • Higher Price
  • Lacks Width Options
  • Not Leather



8. Best Slip-On Nurse Shoes – Jana Bocci Wide Tex, £49.99

Simple, easy to wear and waterproof, these Jana slip-on shoes are excellent value for money. The wide-fit shoes are a comfortable and roomy fit whilst the uncomplicated silhouette means they are suitable to wear with scrubs.

Jana Bocci Wide Tex Waterproof Slip On Shoes



  • Lightweight
  • Wide Fit
  • Easy to wear
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent value for money



  • Not as stylish as other options
  • Fits big



Are Crocs Good Shoes for Nurses?

Crocs have been synonymous with nurses for over a decade now. Medical professionals love wearing Crocs due to them being lightweight, easy to take off when you finally get a moment to sit down and they don’t break the bank. However, you must be aware of the shortfalls with Crocs and how these could affect you individually.

Crocs don’t offer a secure fastening, room for expansion or heel support, a feature that is extremely important as your heel bears the brunt of pressures associated with walking all day. Furthermore, Crocs themselves are not absorbent and will get extremely sweaty during your shift. Should you still wish to wear Crocs, we recommend buying two pairs of Crocs and alternating each pair to ensure they dry correctly between uses.

Crocs for Nurses



  • Easy To Clean
  • Price
  • Easy to Slip-On/Off



  • No Fastening
  • Not Absorbent
  • Will get very sweaty
  • No Heel Support
  • No Room For Expansion



Are Running Shoes Best For Nurses?

When it comes to choosing the best shoes for nurses, running shoes can be a great option. However, it’s important to consider the specific needs of a nurse’s job. Look for shoes that offer good arch support, ample cushioning, and a slip-resistant sole. It’s also important to choose shoes that are breathable and lightweight to keep your feet comfortable during long shifts.

Keep in mind the type of surface you’ll be working on, as certain shoes may not be suitable for all floors. By taking these factors into account, running shoes can be a comfortable and practical choice for nurses.

Types of Shoes For Nurses to Avoid

When shopping for the best shoes for nurses, there are certain styles and features that you will want to avoid. Ideally, you are looking for footwear that is supportive and hard-wearing for long days on your feet.

Completely flat shoes like ballet pumps can be particularly harmful to your feet, and can even trigger back pain if worn for long periods at a time. In the same vein, we would also advise against wearing heels for long periods of time, even if you are used to wearing a heeled shoe. These types of shoes push your feel up and this results in the arch of your foot losing its built-in shock absorbency.

From a practical point of view, we would recommend against man-made materials and encourage nurses to opt for leather uppers. Leather is a porous material, which makes it breathable, flexible and stretchy. This is ideal as your feet will expand as they warm up throughout your shift. Leather also allows for sweat molecules to escape. Man-made materials do not have these benefits and you may find your feet to be uncomfortably warm and sweaty after long periods of wear.

It might seem obvious, but we would also recommend avoiding heavy footwear. Shoes with heavy soles will increase foot fatigue, and in turn, the rest of your body can suffer. Whilst rubber soles are often preferred for offering more traction, the weight of the soles will become tiring after a while. If slip resistance is key to your uniform or workload, then take a look at our women’s safety shoes collection for slip-resistant footwear.


Finding the perfect nursing shoe shouldn’t need to be a worrying prospect. By understanding the demands of your role and the best fit for your specific foot shape and condition, you can be sure that foot pain after a long shift will be a distant memory.