Womens Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are a must-have for those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether it's walking the dog in your neighbourhood or exploring the countryside. A long-standing customer favourite for us has been ECCO walking shoes where you can find premium quality and comfort. Take a look at our walking shoes sale to find great shoes at great prices.

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Women's Walking Shoes

Designed specifically for walking long distances and often over rougher terrain, the walking shoe is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe. Ladies walking shoes often feature a water-resistant membrane, either GORE-TEX or an own-brand alternative. GORE-TEX is not only guaranteed waterproof for the life of the shoes but is also breathable and wind-resistant. The use of gussets on the shoes behind the lace fastenings ensures a watertight finish.

The sole units of walking shoes feature deeper cleats than standard shoes and are often more rugged in appearance. Injection moulding is frequently used to create the sole unit, offering a strong bond between the sole unit and the uppers. This construction method allows the shoes to be fantastically lightweight and flexible, ideal for walking long distances. Lace fastenings are generally used on walking shoes to offer a more secure and adjustable fit. The addition of padded ankle collars and tongues aids the security of the shoes and increases the overall comfort.

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