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Here at the Begg Shoes & Bags blog you will find a variety of articles with features on our latest news to information on foot health and foot problems. We will aslo feature our latest competition and their winners. So take some time and have a read through some of our posts. Feel free to share anything you find interesting.

1708, 2017

Fallen Arches

Fallen Arches Do I have a Low, High or Normal Arch? Ok, quick-fire question round, a pop-quiz if you will! Are the following statements True or False? If I had a pound for every time somebody told me how much they hated their feet, I would be a millionaire. It seems like our feet are one of our most hated body parts‚ even though they put up with so much use every day. I know that some foot health problems such as bunions, corns, callouses, hammer toes, wide feet, narrow feet and just [...]

2807, 2017

Top Shoes – August 2017

TOP SHOES - 10 Must Have New Arrivals So, it would seem that the Summer weather has deserted us up here in the North of Scotland… our lovely new sandals haven’t had much time out in use yet. But, we feel like treating ourselves to some new footwear… what do we buy? Obviously, it will be either some new shoes or a lovely new handbag seeing as these are our specialities here at Begg Shoes. With our sale currently in full swing, you can still grab a bargain on selected Summer shoes but you better be quick [...]

2407, 2017

Summer Shoes or Sandals – What to Wear on this Summer

Summer Shoes or Sandals What to Wear this Summer Hold. The. Phone. Is that the sun I see? Out in Scotland?! Summer has arrived finally - we will probably all be a lovely shade of lobster-red very soon… If you haven’t got your sandals yet – what are you waiting for? Knowing our luck, the sun will not be out very much so we have to make the most of it when we can! Or, if you haven’t thought about what you need for your summer holiday yet, why not? You better be fast if you need [...]

1807, 2017

Why Is There Never Shoes In My Size?

Shoe Shopping NEVER HAVE YOUR SIZE? Why Is There Never Shoes In My Size? Our Inverness Shoe Shop Manager Nikki Munro explains why... Dive into the realm of shoe shopping & how it works... Have you ever walked into a shoe shop, asked the sales advisor for a certain style of shoe in your size, and then felt there wasn't much of a selection? Well, hopefully you haven't come across this much in our shoe shops but if you have, then please read on for more information Keep reading to find out more! [...]

707, 2017

Win School Shoes | 2 pairs to giveaway

WIN SCHOOL SHOES We are giving away 2 pairs of school shoes and a backpack for 2 lucky kids this summer to start their new school year off on the right foot! Clarks Boys' school shoes collection have something for everyone from an E fit to H fit. Clarks boys shoes will not only look smart and but they also feel comfortable. Our wide range of boys’ leather Clarks school shoes and school trainers includes a range of durable slip-ons as well as boy’s lace up school styles. This way we make it easy for you [...]

2906, 2017

Plantar Fasciitis

PLANTAR  FASCIITIS WHAT IS IT AND WHICH SHOES CAN HELP IT? Have you ever heard of Plantar Fasciitis? Usually, nobody has heard this phrase until they have experienced it or knows someone who has. When you work in a specialised shoe shop, it is one of the most common foot problems that customers talk about and most of them are desperate to find a solution for this issue because it is so painful. Plantar Fasciitis seems to be such a popular issue right now that we thought some more information on what it is and [...]