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Here at the Begg Shoes & Bags blog you will find a variety of articles with features on our latest news to information on foot health and foot problems. We will aslo feature our latest competition and their winners. So take some time and have a read through some of our posts. Feel free to share anything you find interesting.

1309, 2017

Sandals Storage Ideas

SANDALS STORAGE IDEAS With the first official day of Autumn looming around the corner (next week - 22nd September 2017) and the recent cold snap I think we can all agree it's time to pack away those sandals and bring out the boots. We have scoured the internet and put together a great list of sandals storage ideas for you... FILE ORGANIZER BOX 2. PLATE RACK ORGANIZER You may have seen this idea before, as it's done the rounds on Pinterest, but we really thought it was a [...]

3108, 2017

Footwear Retailer of the Month – August 2017

Footwear Retailer of the Month August 2017 I started selling shoes in our shops at 12 years old!  Following University I furthered my education and became a chartered accountant.  After having enough of accountancy, I worked in corporate finance for an investment bank.  After doing that I felt I’d rounded my skills and took the opportunity to join the business when we acquired several of DE Shoe’ stores in 2013. We’ve got 9 shops located all over Scotland and have approx. 50 staff.  Our staff turnover is good and nearly all changes are [...]

2408, 2017

Kipling Handbags – NEW STYLES IN

Kipling Bags New Seasons Styles NOW IN stock Kipling bags have to be one of our favourite handbag brands when it comes to brightening up our day and we love it when we unpack a new delivery of Kipling. The bright colours and beautiful patterns always lift our mood and sure do brighten up our stores. Especially when the darker colours of the winter boots start to fill the shelves and this season has been no exception! This season we see 4 new colour combo's being added to our favourite styles of Kipling bags... Which will be [...]

1708, 2017

Fallen Arches

Fallen Arches Do I have a Low, High or Normal Arch? Ok, quick-fire question round, a pop-quiz if you will! Are the following statements True or False? If I had a pound for every time somebody told me how much they hated their feet, I would be a millionaire. It seems like our feet are one of our most hated body parts‚ even though they put up with so much use every day. I know that some foot health problems such as bunions, corns, callouses, hammer toes, wide feet, narrow feet and just [...]

2807, 2017

Top Shoes – August 2017

TOP SHOES - 10 Must Have New Arrivals So, it would seem that the Summer weather has deserted us up here in the North of Scotland… our lovely new sandals haven’t had much time out in use yet. But, we feel like treating ourselves to some new footwear… what do we buy? Obviously, it will be either some new shoes or a lovely new handbag seeing as these are our specialities here at Begg Shoes. With our sale currently in full swing, you can still grab a bargain on selected Summer shoes but you better be quick [...]

2407, 2017

Summer Shoes or Sandals – What to Wear on this Summer

Summer Shoes or Sandals What to Wear this Summer Hold. The. Phone. Is that the sun I see? Out in Scotland?! Summer has arrived finally - we will probably all be a lovely shade of lobster-red very soon… If you haven’t got your sandals yet – what are you waiting for? Knowing our luck, the sun will not be out very much so we have to make the most of it when we can! Or, if you haven’t thought about what you need for your summer holiday yet, why not? You better be fast if you need [...]