Kids Shoe Size Conversion Chart: A Guide To Children’s Feet

Using our countless years of experience fitting children’s shoes, we have created a comprehensive kids shoe size conversion chart that best represents the differences between UK, EU and US kids sizes. And what each of these sizes are in centimeters. We do however still recommend that you use this as a guide to help find the approximate size but consult an expert for a personalised fit.

Kids Shoe Size Conversion ChartHow Do Kids Shoe Sizes Work?

Kids shoe sizes range from a UK infant size 2 to a UK junior size 6. When comparing the UK and US, the UK is 1 size smaller than the comparable US size. However, there is commonly some confusion when converting from kids EU sizes that can be challenging to grasp and lead to the wrong size being bought when shopping online.

How To Measure Kids Feet?

The importance of ensuring your kids foot is allowed to develop naturally through precisely fitted shoes cannot be overstated. Measuring is only part of the process, with the fit of the shoe equally important. This is why we recommend visiting a qualified kids shoe fitter.

However, when shoe fitting experts are not available, you may have to measure your kids feet at home. Thankfully, we are here to help make this process stress-free. Read our blog on How to Fit Kids Shoes at Home.