Foot Health Guide & Tips

Foot Health Guide

Do you suffer from foot pain? Do you get achy feet with bunions or plantar fasciitis? Maybe it’s heel pain or ankle pain which ails you. Feet bare the brunt of your whole body weight and if your day is spent standing for work, then they’re at even more risk of developing foot problems if you don’t wear the correct shoes. With poorly manufactured shoes or shoes that don’t fit correctly it’s easy to understand how a problem can quickly lead to discomfort.

At Begg Shoes we take foot health very seriously, especially for those tiny developing feet and believe that children’s shoes should be professionally fitted by a qualified shoe fitter. Children’s feet can be damaged in their formative years that may affect their complete physiology – this can in turn affect their health later in life! Even a migraine can be attributed to ill-fitting shoes.

Best Sandals For Bunions
Best Sandals for Bunions

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Diabetic Shoes
Shoes for Diabetics

Best SHOES FOR DIABETICS Shoes for Diabetics should be at the forefront of every Diabetics mind as poor footwear can cause serious complications for them….

Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar Fasciitis

Recommended Shoe Brands for Plantar Fasciitis Nikki Munro, our Inverness Shoe Shop manager, is not only an experienced store manager but also a professionally trained…

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Best Nursing Shoes

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shoe fitting at Begg Shoes
Shoe Fitting by Professionals

Shoe Fitting by Professionals Shoe fitting is of the utmost importance to the Begg family because they believe that foot health can be drastically improved…

baby feet walking
The Function of the foot

The Foot Function At Beggs most of our managers and sales staff have gone through professional shoe fitters training which includes learning about foot function. As part…