Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Best Pregnancy Shoes


Pregnancy is a great excuse to get yourself a new pair of shoes whether it’s a new pair of trainers or comfortable boots to see you through the winter. As your body shape changes your feet could too, with many expectant mums struggling with swollen feet. During pregnancy, you may find your feet may grow, flatten or even need a larger size for width. If you’re one of the few who’s feet don’t change or swell during pregnancy at the very least you will want new shoes to improve comfort, stability and support as your weight increases during your pregnancy and your centre of balance shifts.

Features of Good Shoes For Pregnancy

When shopping for shoes for your pregnancy, the Society of Shoe Fitters recommend looking for footwear with the following features:

  • Adjustable fastenings (as your feet may increase or decrease in size throughout the day)
  • Natural materials as these will allow your feet to breathe when your body temperature fluctuates
  • Shoes that have soft and comfortable insoles
  • A supportive arch support
  • Footwear that offers a firm, solid and stable heel, preferably flat or low heels

Taking all these features into consideration will help protect your feet during pregnancy from injury as much as possible. To summarise, pregnancy shoes should be functional & comfortable but that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. We have scoured through this seasons collection and our research has found the best selection of maternity shoes for your comfort.

best shoes for swollen feet & pregnancy

1. Gabor Nulon, £120

Best Trainers for Pregnancy

If you’re like me and have a fairly casual wardrobe then these trainers from Gabor are a must-have for every expecting mum. We love the contrast between the leopard print and metallic against the black leather upper. Made with top quality smooth leather, these breathable trainers will mould to the shape of your feet. The white and black sole unit is lightweight and flexible, and there is additional heel support for superb comfort underfoot.

Gabor Nulon Animal Print Trainers

2. Legero Monta Gore-Tex, £130

Best Boots for Everyday Wear

Now, these are boots that are fighting for the top spot in our favourites for pregnancy. The black nubuck leather upper is smooth and supple, and the simple silhouette ensures they can be worn in a variety of settings. Whether it’s a day in the office, doing errands or meeting friends for lunch these Legero boots are very versatile. The GORE-TEX membrane means should you be caught in a rain shower your feet will stay warm & dry while still being able to breathe. We all know how sweaty one’s feet can suddenly get during pregnancy! The side zip means you can easily get them on and off, and the flexible upper will gently adapt to the shape of your feet.

Legero Monta Gore Tex Black Chelsea Boots for Pregnancy

3. Clarks Home2 Soft, £39

Best Slippers for Pregnancy

What makes these slippers the perfect pair to wear during your pregnancy is the materials they’re constructed with as well as the firm sole unit. These Clarks mule slippers mean you can easily slip into them at the end of a long day.  No need to hassle with straps or trying to get your swollen feet into a boot or shoe style of slippers. Being a natural material, the suede upper and cosy lining will keep your feet warm and cosy while still allowing your feet to breathe. These are also ideal for taking with you to the hospital – easy to slip on and a home comfort too!

Clarks Home2 Soft Slippers for Pregnancy

4. Toms Platform, £55

Best Slip-on Shoes for Pregnancy

Stylish and comfortable, these Toms slip-on shoes are perfect for pregnancy. Their easy slip-on fit and the elasticated V cut at the top offers a quick and comfortable fit from the first moment. Your feet will love them for their flexible stitch construction sole unit, and the platform sole gives extra support underfoot. We love them for this stylish appearance and they are ideal for the warmer months whether you wear them to the park or in the garden. These Toms are great for leaving the hospital too!

Toms Platform Black Slip On Shoes for Pregnancy