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Sandals Storage Ideas

SANDALS STORAGE IDEAS With the first official day of Autumn looming around the corner (next week - 22nd September 2017) and the recent cold snap I think we can all agree it's time to pack away those sandals and bring out the boots. We have scoured the internet and put together a great [...]

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Why Is There Never Shoes In My Size?

Shoe Shopping NEVER HAVE YOUR SIZE? Why Is There Never Shoes In My Size? Our Inverness Shoe Shop Manager Nikki Munro explains why... Dive into the realm of shoe shopping & how it works... Have you ever walked into a shoe shop, asked the sales advisor for a certain [...]

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7 Heels for Every Day of the Week

7 Heels for Every Day of the Week Let’s face it: heels will never go out of style. In fact, they’re so integral in every fashion girls’ wardrobe, that some of the most stylish babes we know wear them ‘round the clock! We've put together 7 pairs of high heels for every day of [...]

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Christmas Gift Planner

Christmas Gift Planner It's that time of year again where families come together to celebrate and I can hardly believe it but there are only 6 weekends for shopping left until Christmas so it’s time to get organized! If the build up to Christmas is a busy time for your family as it is for ours, then [...]

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How to Polish Shoes

How to Polish Shoes How to polish shoes video tutorial with Donald Begg from Begg Shoes & Bags an Independent Shoe Retailer since 1866. Buying good shoes is important but equally, caring for your shoes is just as important if you want them to stay looking good for longer. In our Begg Shoes shoe shops, [...]

Online Shoe Shop

Online Shoe Shop A wee bit more about Begg Shoes & Bags Begg Shoes & Bags is not only a brick & mortar shoe shop, but we also have an online shoe shop. We are a multi channel independent shoe shop in Northern Scotland. Mr Andrew Begg started making shoes in 1866 and now generations later his great, [...]

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The Function of the foot

The Foot Function At Beggs most of our managers and sales staff have gone through professional shoe fitters training which includes learning about foot function. As part of this qualification they have had to study the structure and function of the feet to ensure they fully understand how feet work so that they can advise all our [...]

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