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Kids Primigi shoes are expertly designed and made predominantly in Italy and offer high-quality construction and great value for money for active little feet. Primigi shoes and boots use a highly durable PU sole material that offers great wear and tear.

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Does Primigi make Gore-Tex Shoes?

Gore-Tex is one of the highlights in the range and Primigi makes extensive use of the waterproof and breathable technology, to offer the ideal all-weather footwear for kids. While this does come with a price premium, their boots, in particular, can be a great value-for-money choice compared to other Gore-Tex rival brands.

Where are Primigi Shoes made?

Primigi shoes are predominantly made in Italy, with some styles such as their range of slippers imported from suppliers in China, for example. Primigi operates as part of the same company which produces IMAC shoes which are a huge hit for Begg Shoes in the adult collections.

What are Primigi Shoes good for?

Our kids' shoe fitting teams in-store love the soft leather materials, combined with lightweight and durable PU soles which are ideal for maximum flexibility and support. This combination of shoemaking technology is more expensive to use however Primigi offers these really valuable features at a relatively modest price point.

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