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At Begg Shoes our buying process takes in lots of information to help us consistently improve our product offering for you, our customers.  Sales information and experience gathered over many years and has been passed down the six generations of the Begg family.  As shoe buyers, one must have the ability to remember best-selling styles and colours over long periods of time.  Garek Begg can recall styles going back over 40 years and now Donald can now recall over 6 years’ experience – he’s still got a bit to learn on his father!   Garek was taught and mentored by his father and great-grandfather Andrew Begg Junior and Senior.

Added to that, our staff in stores give us lots of feedback of exactly what our customers are telling us in-store.  This is hugely important in making sure we try to cover as many possible styles and colours as possible.

Buying trips to London, Italy and Germany also play a big part in helping us “visualise” what future trends lie in store for our product selection.  Typically the strong fashion “looks” are successful when “diluted” down.  Extreme fashion trends often are not worn by 99% of the population but are really interesting to see and they do hold a significant amount of influence over the entire global shoe trade.

Clothing colours and designs that are going to be “on trend” for the next season are also factored in.  Typically the clothing industry leads the footwear industry in fashion colours.  Yellow was a big colour this year and is set to remain big next summer with greens and oranges also coming through clothing ranges.  “Bright is right” is the trend so far for 2020.

Finally, observations influence buying decision at Begg Shoes.  For instance, when visiting the stores Donald and Garek try to spend time out and about in the area observing what people choose to wear on their feet.  Is it wellies? Designer boots?  Casual trainers?  If so, what colour, brand, style etc.  The huge mistake large footwear retailers make is that they do not make any attempt to tailor product selections to what customers in their geographies wear.  If product ranges are not tailored then likely customers will not want them.

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