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Begg Shoes stock Converse trainers for adults and kids, so the whole family can wear Converse. If you're on a budget, then why now browse through our Converse Sale

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Womens Converse Sizing

Converse state that their sizing is unique and specific to the trainer in question. All of our Womens Converse are in whole English sizes (no US size conversion required) and they are relatively true to size (i.e. same size you would normally wear). Our experience has been that sizing charts can be subjective so our advice is that wherever possible you visit one of our shoe shops to get yourself professionally fitted. Visit our store locator to find your nearest Begg Shoes or call our helpline for advice.

Cleaning Advice for Converse trainers

Please note for all styles of Converse trainers – do not machine wash or dry.

First of all and most important always test the cleaning method on an area of the Womens Converse shoes which is not visible.  An advisable location for testing the cleaning product would be along the outside edges of the tongue as this is hidden within the shoe.  Once satisfied this will not affect the colour or material of your Converse trainers proceed accordingly. 

For canvas, leather or synthetic styles it is recommended to gently rub using a damp cloth with mild soap and lukewarm water.  Suede styles simply require the use of a suede brush to brush away any dirt once dried – water must not be applied to suede Converse.

For best drying results for your Womens Converse, stuff with paper to keep their shape then leave to dry at room temperature.

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