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Alpina shoes are made from beautifully soft leathers and suedes that give instant comfort.  All of our customers who try them on are converted to their supreme comfort and classic style.  The designs include small quirks which give them unique identity such as rolled suede which creates a metallic effect.  Browse the range of shoes, bootsheels and pumps to discover the whole range.  At the end of every season a selection of shoes go into our Alpina Shoes Sale.

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ALPINA Ladies Shoes

Alpina ShoesSlovenia may not as well-known as other countries, such as Italy or Germany, for producing high quality women’s footwear but Alpina is a brand which challenges that preconception. In the small town of Ziri in Slovenia, footwear has been crafted since the middle of the 19th century and footwear specialists like Alpina have continued this tradition, building a solid reputation of quality craftsmanship. Alpina was founded back in 1947 and has a reputation for making cross country and downhill skiing boots, and was the footwear of choice for the Slovenian athletes at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

Alpina womens shoes challenge the bounds of shoe making, exploring every opportunity to try new technologies and to get the most from their materials and products. With their mission to create shoes which are of a superb quality, are competitive in price and luxuriously comfortable. As well as creating shoes which are great quality and comfortable, they also use beautiful trims and details to create fashionable, very attractive footwear for women.

Begg Shoes & Bags is an Alpina Stockist. So browse our online collection or pop into one of Shoe Shops to try on a pair. You'll love them on your feet!

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