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Mens Brogues from top brands such as BugattiClarks and ECCO available at Begg Shoes with FREE UK Delivery available and FREE Click and Collect. If you are looking for a formal shoe then have a look at our men’s smart shoes.  At the end of the summer and winter seasons we have a sale and a selection of shoes go into our men’s brogues sale.

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Men’s brogues

Traditionally a workman's shoe from Scotland and Ireland, the brogue is now worn for most semi-formal occasions. The design was created using the multiple panels for strength while the punch detailing in the upper allowed water to drain out.

Traditionally made from untanned leather, brogues now come in a variety of colours and materials. The use of leathers allows the shoes to be breathable while allowing the shoes to hug the feet with wear. Lace fastenings allow the brogues to be adjusted for a secure fit, perfect for those with a narrower heel or a high instep. Brogue detailing features serrated edges of the toe cap along with perforated or punch detailing usually concentrated over the toe cap.

Brogues come in 4 main designs with variations of colour and patterning. The Full Brogue or Wingtip has a feature a pointed toe- cap with the sides of the toe cap or ‘wings’ extending along the sides of the shoe.  Ghillie Brogues are a full brogue without a tongue and with longer laces, originally designed for quicker drying and to keep the laces out of the mud. Ghillie brogues are now worn with traditional kilt outfits for weddings and events. The Semi or Half Brogue features a perforated toe can with serrated edging, often worn with suits. Quarter Brogues feature a serrated edge toe cap without the perforated detailing for a more formal appearance.

Our Men’s Brogues Brands

Bugatti Brogues

Bugatti specialise in high-quality leather footwear, ideal for daily wear. Their attention to detail from the choice of leathers to the finishing of each individual shoe makes Bugatti brogues something truly special. The leather uppers of their shoes allow the feet to breathe while offering a comfortable fit. Bugatti use a lace fastening for their brogues for a secure and adjustable fit. Bugatti’s use of different coloured leather panels makes their brogues unique and interesting to wear. The Bugatti Adamo offers a playful modern twist on the classic brogue with the full brogue styling crafted in coloured leathers.

Rieker Brogues 

Rieker use their decades of experience in the footwear industry to create fantastically comfortable and stylish shoes. Their use of different materials for their uppers allows for a huge range of styles. Rieker brogues use of leather uppers for some of their men’s brogues allows the feet to breathe. Rieker use contrasting textures and colour for a modern take on the classics. Their Bugatibro is ideally paired with jeans for a night out or smart trousers for work.

Ecco Brogues

Ecco seamlessly blend Scandinavian design with modern techniques to create incredibly comfortable footwear that doesn’t compromise on style. Their footwear is created in house and Ecco own the process from start to finish allowing fantastic quality control. ECCO Brogues use the finest of leathers for their men’s shoes, allowing the feet to breathe and the leathers to form to the foot over time. The ECCO Lisbon Bro makes the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe with the classic wingtip styling.

Clarks Brogues

With nearly 200 years of experience in the footwear industry, Clarks use their expansive knowledge and innovative technologies to create perfect shoes. Their attention to detail starts with their handcrafted lasts and finishes with the neat packaging of the finished product. Clarks brogues use high-quality leathers for their men’s shoes creating a comfortable environment for your feet. The Clarks Banbury Limit features a chunky sole unit, perfect for wearing to work and outside.

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