Womens Comfort Slip On Shoes

Customers love our selection of comfort slip-on shoes which feature a vast selection of styles which are lightweight and flexible. From exclusive brands like Roselli's leather collection to canvas styles from Toms and more. Take a look at our comfort slip on shoes sale to find a bargain.

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Comfort Slip On Shoes

When it comes to your feet, comfortable shoes are a real essential. As much as we might love to be able to wear stilettos every day, our feet take the weight of our day to day lives and should be treated with respect. Everyone will have a different idea of comfort, but for us, at Begg Shoes a comfortable shoe should fit like it was made for you, offer the correct amount of arch support for your feet (though that can be rectified with one of our range of insoles) and feel ‘like slippers’ as soon as you put them on.

The overall design of a pair of shoes helps to dictate the comfort of them. A more flat shoe is often more comfortable than one with a large heel although many people find a slight heel is just what they need.  Square or rounded toe boxes offer more room than a tapered or pointed toe box and therefore are often more comfortable for the wearer.

Different types of uppers offer comfort in many forms. Leathers are breathable while the softer suedes and nubucks mould to the feet with ease. While a man-made upper may offer comfort to your bank balance! The addition of insoles, built-in or added, can have a massive bearing on the comfort of shoes. Some feet need additional arch support or a contoured insole while the addition of memory foams and cushioned insoles help us to feel like we are walking on air.

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