How Do Rieker Shoes Fit?

By far one of our most popular brands, Rieker Shoes are synonymous with comfort, quality and choice.

Rieker Shoes began in 1874 in Germany and quickly built up a reputation in the industry for producing quality and comfortable footwear. A key element in Rieker shoes is the Rieker Antistress technology, a footwear technology designed for comfort with every step. Lightweight, shock absorbent and flexible, Rieker Antistress shoes are supremely comfortable. In this guide, we aim to give you a better understanding of how Rieker Shoes fit.

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The Best of the Lasts

With over 350 Rieker Shoes online, Begg Shoes know a thing or two about our customer’s favourite brand. Over the years we have found the shoe shapes (lasts) which are the most loved and in this guide we aim to discuss how Rieker Shoes fit and the best of the lasts.

So what is a last?

Simply put, a last is the shape of the shoe. Shoes are built upon lasts, these are structures which resemble the shape of a foot. The upper of the shoe was constructed around the last and the sole unit was fixed to the underneath of the shoe. This means that shoes with the same last offer the same fit. Although the uppers may look different, the fit of the shoe will be the same. This is great news if you have found a shoe which is super comfortable.

We at Begg Shoes have named our Rieker shoes after the last which they were made on. Many of our Rieker ladies shoes sound the same, but have very different uppers so you can still have comfortable shoes for every occasion.

The Dori Last

Dorisfun 413J8


Dorisbars 413J9


Dorislaze 413Q5


The Bocci / Bocco Last

Boccozip 587F8


Boccola 587P7


Bocciago 53766


The York Last

York V3463


Yorkinap V3411


Yorkback V3405


Rieker Shoes Size Guide

Wearing the right size of shoes can greatly impact your comfort and the longevity of your new shoes. With so many different size conversions, it can be very confusing shopping for shoes whether you are shopping online or shopping in a store.

Rieker shoes are manufactured in European sizes. Please see our Rieker size guide below to see which size is best for you.

Women’s Rieker Shoes

Our wide range of Womens Rieker Shoes start from EU size 35 to 42. With styles ranging from Rieker Sandals, Rieker trainers and Rieker ladies boots, there is a shoe for every occasion. Check out our Rieker size guide to find the best fit for you, or pop in to store to try on a pair of Rieker shoes.

Men’s Rieker Shoes

Our range of Mens Rieker Shoes start from EU size 40 to 47. With styles ranging from Mens Rieker Smart Shoes, Rieker trainers and Mens Rieker boots, there is a shoe for every occasion. Check out our Rieker size guide to find the best fit for you, or pop in to store to try on a pair of Rieker shoes.

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