How Do Rieker Shoes Fit?

One of our most popular brands, Rieker Shoes are synonymous with comfort, quality and choice. In this blog, we explain how Rieker shoes fit, as well as answer frequently asked questions from our customers. Begg Shoes has the biggest independent selection of Rieker in the UK and has worked with this brand for a very long time. From queries about bunions to care advice, we have heard it all and know Rieker very well.

Begg Shoes are one of Scotland’s longest-standing independent shoe retailers having been established in 1866. Offering free and fast delivery and the biggest independent Rieker collection in the UK, you can be sure of excellence and experience when placing your order with us.

Rieker Shoes Size Guide

Using our extensive experience working with Rieker, we have created a size conversion chart that we believe best reflects how their shoes, manufactured in EU sizes, compare to UK and US sizes. If possible, we would always recommend visiting a store to try them on to ensure the best fit for your personal needs.  Furthermore, we always recommend you stick to your EU size when picking your next pair of shoes. This is because there is less chance of getting the wrong size due to conversion.

Rieker Size COnversion Chart

Rieker EU to US Shoe Size Guide


Womens Rieker Size Conversion Guide

EU UK US Shop By Size
35 2.5 4.5
36 3 5 Shop By Size 3
37 4 6 Shop By Size 4
38 5 7 Shop By Size 5
39 5.5 / 6 8 Shop By Size 6
40 6.5 8.5
41 7 9 Shop By Size 7
42 8 10 Shop By Size 8
43 9 11 Shop By Size 9


Men’s Rieker Size Conversion Guide


EU UK US Shop By Size
40 6.5 7.5
41 7 8.5 Shop By Size 7
42 8 9 Shop By Size 8
43 9 10 Shop By Size 9
44 9.5 10.5
45 10 11.5 Shop By Size 10
46 11 12 Shop By Size 11
47 12 13 Shop By Size 12


Are Rieker Shoes True to Size?

Rieker is fairly dependable in terms of shoe size length, however, they are made in EU sizes, so we strongly advise buying Rieker shoes in their manufactured size. The exact same is true for the Rieker sister brand Remonte Shoes which are designed and made in the same way.

It is common for customers to initially find it difficult to select the correct size due to size conversion issues. However, generally from then onwards you can stick with the same EU size each time you look to add to your Rieker or Remonte collection.

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Are Rieker Shoes Wide-Fitting?

Not all Rieker Shoes are wide-fitting, however, there is a good selection of wider-fitting styles available. Rieker makes a variety of shoe shapes that fit differently and while most are a regular fit (which suits the majority of people) there is some variability.

While it is not marked on the box, our teams in-store have many years of hands-on experience and have become experts in fit testing and identifying wide-fit Rieker Shoes. This helps us incorporate this valuable knowledge in our product categories online and our product descriptions, to help get the right fit the first time.

We have compiled a women’s wide-fitting Rieker collection. Whether they have a roomier toe box or wider fit all around, these styles are ideal for those who need a more generous fit.

OTHER Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rieker Shoes Good for Bunions?

Rieker features key designs that are well-suited to those with bunions. Rieker shoes are by design lightweight, soft and flexible, thanks to the stitch construction sole units and soft uppers. This is highly beneficial for those who have bunions and the wider fitting styles they offer are very popular with our customers. Make sure to look for leather uppers that will stretch and offer enhanced breathability and avoid stitching over the bunion area to minimise discomfort. For more advice and information, take a look at our Best Shoes for Bunions.

What are Rieker Antistress Shoes?

A key element in Rieker Shoes is the Antistress technology and all Rieker shoes are made with this design philosophy in mind. Antistress is a footwear technology designed for comfort and the key principles are that shoes are lightweight, shock-absorbent and flexible, with ample room for the toes.

You might ask whether Antistress shoes can reduce your overall level of stress and while it’s not scientifically proven, avoiding foot pain with comfortable footwear is certainly a great place to start. Key design features in the shoes provide comfort that has driven Rieker to become one of the most popular in the long history of our independent business. Our customers love the comfort and easily wearable fashion on offer and this seems to be evidence that the Antistress philosophy is effective.

Are All Rieker Shoes Leather?

Not all Rieker shoes are leather and, increasingly, man-made materials have been integrated into designs to maintain lower prices. In general, the styles are made with man-made materials that offer superb comfort combined with excellent value for money. Leather shoes are sought out for their breathable and malleable uppers, offering lasting comfort and easy care. However, there is a growing trend throughout the footwear industry to adopt man-made materials both on cost and environmental grounds.

On our website, product descriptions will state clearly if shoes have a leather upper however if you are unsure, please get in touch so that we help out.

How to Care for Rieker Shoes?

Caring for your Rieker footwear is important in extending the longevity of your shoes, and ensuring they look their best. Knowing what your shoes are made of is the first step in selecting shoe care products. The label inside the shoe will tell you what materials your shoes are made of, and the handy picture below explains what the symbols mean.

Shoe Label Symbols Explained

Shoe care can be split into three stages – clean, care, and protect – and we have quality-tested a wide range of shoe care products to find the best option for you and your shoes. For cleaning your Rieker shoes, we recommend Combi Cleaner which can be used on all materials. The best shoe care and protection product for man-made materials that we have tested is called Trend Care by Pedag and is endorsed by Rieker for its man-made footwear.

Are Rieker Shoes Waterproof?

Rieker shoes are not considered waterproof. Although they incorporate Rieker Tex, which is a water-resistant membrane, the stitch construction method they use can allow water to seep through. Stitch construction involves hand-stitching the shoe’s upper to the sole, creating small openings for both thread and water molecules to pass through. To enhance water resistance, we suggest applying a neutral shoe cream to these stitch holes using a cotton wool bud.

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Begg Shoes is the UK-leading independent stockist of Rieker shoes, offering the widest and most comprehensive range of Rieker footwear. We have nine standalone stores based in the North of Scotland, offering excellence in customer service, expert advice and an enjoyable in-person shopping experience.


Our entire Rieker collection is available to browse on our website, offering free UK delivery on orders over £30 as well as international shipping to the US, Australia and beyond. Our range comprises men’s and women’s shoes and includes trainers, smart shoes, heels, boots, sandals and more.

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