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How Do Rieker Shoes Fit?

By far one of our most popular brands, Rieker Shoes are synonymous with comfort, quality and choice.

Rieker Shoes began in 1874 in Germany and quickly built up a reputation in the industry for producing quality and comfortable footwear. A key element in Rieker shoes is the Rieker Antistress technology, a footwear technology designed for comfort with every step. Lightweight, shock-absorbent and flexible, Rieker Antistress shoes are supremely comfortable. In this guide, we aim to give you a better understanding of how Rieker Shoes fit.

Are Rieker shoes wide fitting?

As it is not marked on the box as to whether a Rieker shoe is wide fitting, our teams have become experts at picking out those that are! But how do they do this? They get hands on. Our team will spend time trying on the shoes, seeing how it feels to them individually first. This gives them a good idea when talking to you, our customers. Not only that but feedback from our customers is vital because if you feel that a particular Rieker boot or shoe is a wide fit, then it is likely that others will too. Our instore teams will then pass this on and the information shall be added to the product description on our website, this way online buyers can know too!

If you’re not sure then pop in store, give us a call or send us a message on our live chat.

How Do Shoes Fit

Rieker Shoes Size Conversion Chart

Wearing the right size of shoes can greatly impact your comfort and the longevity of your new shoes. With so many different size conversions, it can be very confusing shopping for shoes whether you are shopping online or shopping in a store. Specifically, Rieker shoes are manufactured in European sizes.

As you can see from the Size Conversion Chart below, EU sizes are not as closely matched to the Uk sizes as you might believe. In fact, one of the most popular sizes, a UK size 6, falls between continental sizes 39 and 40. Whilst we would normally recommend a size 39 in this situations, the different last shapes can fit everyone differently. This can depend on their own foot shape, toe shape and width fitting. This is why we train our staff to recognise toe shapes in both shoes and feet, so that we can offer the best service to our customers.

Rieker Shoes Size Chart Women’s

Our wide range of Womens Rieker Shoes start from EU size 35 to 43. Begg Shoes have an exclusive range of styles in the UK and we firmly believe there is a shoe for every occasion. Whether you are looking for Rieker boots for the winter, or Rieker sandals for the warmer months, you are sure to find a style to suit your budget and taste. Check out our Rieker size guide to find the best fit for you, or pop in to store to try on a pair of Rieker shoes.




Rieker Shoes Size Chart Mens

Our range of Men’s Rieker Shoes start from EU size 40 to 47. All Rieker men’s shoes are made on Rieker Antistress footbeds, offering exceptional comfort and support. Check out our Rieker size guide to find the best fit for you, or pop in to store to try on a pair of Rieker shoes.