Rieker shoes for men and women fit guide

How Do Rieker Shoes Fit?

By far one of our most popular brands, Rieker Shoes are synonymous with comfort, quality and choice.

Rieker Shoes began in 1874 in Germany and quickly built up a reputation in the industry for producing quality and comfortable footwear. A key element in Rieker shoes is the Antistress technology, a footwear technology designed for comfort with every step. Lightweight, shock-absorbent and flexible, Rieker Antistress shoes are supremely comfortable. In this guide, we aim to give you a better understanding of how Rieker Shoes fit.

Are Rieker shoes wide fitting?

As it is not marked on the box as to whether a Rieker shoe is wide fitting, our teams have become experts at picking out those that are! But how do they do this? They get hands-on. Our team will spend time trying on the shoes, seeing how it feels to them individually first. This gives them a good idea when talking to you, our customers.

Not only that but feedback from our customers is vital because if you feel that a particular boot or shoe is a wide fit, then it is likely that others will too. Our instore teams will then pass this on and the information shall be added to the product description on our website, this way online buyers can know too!

Wide Fit Rieker

These styles have been handpicked by our store teams as being wide or wider fit. Whether they have a roomier toe box or wider fit all round, these styles are ideal for those who need a more generous fit.


Rieker 44875-62 Cinders

Rieker 44875-62 Cinders

Rieker L1751-35 Celia 72

Rieker L1751-35 Wine Leather shoes

Wide Fit Rieker Z4652-00 Birboot Tex

Rieker Z4652-00 Black Leather Ankle Boots

Rieker Size Conversion Chart

Wearing the right size of shoes can greatly impact your comfort and the longevity of your new shoes. With so many different size conversions, it can be very confusing shopping for shoes whether you are shopping online or shopping in a store. Specifically, Rieker are manufactured in European sizes.

As you can see from the Size Conversion Chart below, EU sizes are not as closely matched to the Uk sizes as you might believe. In fact, one of the most popular sizes, a UK size 6, falls between continental sizes 39 and 40. Whilst we would normally recommend a size 39 in this situations, the different last shapes can fit everyone differently. This can depend on their own foot shape, toe shape and width fitting.

This is why we train our staff to recognise toe shapes in both shoes and feet, so that we can offer the best service to our customers.

Rieker Shoes fitting guide

Rieker Size Chart Women’s

Our wide range of Womens Rieker Shoes start from EU size 35 to 43. Begg Shoes have an exclusive range of styles in the UK and we firmly believe there is a shoe for every occasion. Whether you are looking for boots for the winter, or sandals for the warmer months, you are sure to find a style to suit your budget and taste. Check out our Rieker size guide to find the best fit for you, or pop in to store to try on a pair of Rieker shoes.


35 2 5
36 3 5.5
37 4 6
38 5 7
39 5.5 8
40 6.5 8.5
41 7 9.5
42 8 10
43 9 10.5


Rieker Size Chart Men’s

Our range of Men’s Rieker Shoes start from EU size 40 to 47. All Rieker men’s shoes are made on Antistress footbeds, offering exceptional comfort and support. Check out our Rieker size guide to find the best fit for you, or pop in to store to try on a pair of Rieker shoes.


39 5.5 7
40 6.5 7.5
41 7 8.5
42 8 9
43 9 10
44 9.5 10.5
45 10 11.5
46 11 12
47 12 13

Rieker womens shoes fitting guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rieker Shoes good for bunions?

Rieker shoes feature key designs that would be suitable for those who suffer from bunions. Look for leather uppers that will stretch and avoid details over the bunion area to minimise discomfort. For more advice and information, take a look at our Best Shoes for Bunions blog post.

What are Rieker Antistress shoes?

As well as looking great, Rieker shoes are designed to offer superior comfort and support with every step. This is where Antistress technology steps in, offering walking relief and reducing foot fatigue over time. Anti-shock features provide impact cushioning properties whilst the luxuriously padded footbeds and anatomically shaped insoles offer essential support.

Rieker Antistress shoes are lightweight and provide maximum reflexibility. Their shoes allow additional room for feet to expand and move throughout the day. All Rieker shoes are made with Antistress technology.

The combination of exceptional comfort, stylish designs and excellent value for money make Rieker our most sought after footwear brand.

Rieker product shoes features

Are Rieker shoes leather?

Not all their shoes are leather. Some Rieker shoes are made with high-quality man-made materials which still offer superb comfort combined with excellent value for money. Leather shoes are sought out for their breathable and malleable uppers, offering lasting comfort from the very first moment. Our product descriptions should state if the shoes have a leather upper, and if you are unsure, please get in touch so that we can find out for you.

Where are Rieker shoes made?

Rieker shoes are made in their own production units in Eastern Europe, Vietnam and North Africa. The headquarters are based in Switzerland, whilst the company itself was founded in 1874 in the Black Forest area of Germany.

Best of the Lasts


With over 350 Rieker Shoes online, Begg Shoes know a thing or two about our customer’s favourite brand. Over the years we have found the shoe shapes (lasts) which are the most loved and in this guide we aim to discuss the lasts fit.

So what is a last?

Simply put, a last is the shape of the shoe. Shoes are built upon lasts, these are structures which resemble the shape of a foot. The upper of the shoe was constructed around the last and the sole unit was fixed to the underneath of the shoe. This means that shoes with the same last offer the same fit. Although the uppers may look different, the fit of the shoe will be the same. This is great news if you have found a shoe which is super comfortable.

We at Begg Shoes have named our shoes after the last which they were made on. Many of our ladies shoes sound the same, but have very different uppers so you can still have comfortable shoes for every occasion.

The Regi Last

Rieker 60800-40 light grey women's comfortable sandals
Rieker 60876-12 Denim blue ladies slide sandals
Rieker 608b9-45 Dark Taupe ladies comfy sandals

The Bocci / Bocco Last

Rieker 53714-31 Rose Pink Trainers
Rieker 537n8-80 Ladies white slip on shoes

The Fawn Last

Rieker 62412-15 Navy Wedge Espadrilles
Rieker 62470-91 Silver Wedge Espadrilles
Rieker Black Wedge Espadrilles

Society of Shoe Fitters Logo

Our size conversion guide is a guide only, as we know that fit can vary from brand to brand. We are supported by The Society of Shoe Fitters, and a number of our core staff have completed expert training by the Society of Shoe Fitters. For more information on our Autumn Winter Boots range, have a read of our Boots Buyers Guide to find out the latest trends on offer.