Fly London Size Guide, An Expert Review

Fly London Size Guide – An Expert Review

Women’s Shoe Size Chart for Fly London Boots

Our Fly London Size Guide aims to give you the best information possible when purchasing a pair of Fly London boots. Fly London manufactures their boots and shoes in EU sizes, which are sometimes known as Continental sizes. The gaps between the EU sizes are smaller compared to both UK and US sizes. To read more about converting from EU to UK shoe sizes, read our blog EU Shoe Size to UK.

Begg Shoes Size Chart

EU to US Shoe Size Guide

Fly London Size Guide

EU UK US Shop by Size
35 2.5 4.5
36 3 5 Shop by Size 3
37 4 6 Shop by Size 4
38 5 7 Shop by Size 5
39 5.5 / 6 8 Shop by Size 6
40 6.5 8.5
41 7 9 Shop by Size 7
42 8 10 Shop by Size 8
43 9 11

Are Fly London True to Size?

One of the most common queries we get is about Fly London boots sizing, what size to choose and how they fit. Our customers and staff report that Fly London is not true to size and on most occasions runs large. If you find you are between sizes, we recommend trying the smaller size in Fly London if you have never worn them before.

Are Fly London Comfortable?

We and our customers love Fly London for their distinctive styling, premium leather and comfortable fit. They are very comfortable mainly down to the rubber outer soles. They are not soft and squishy like Skechers, they are more of a firm feel. The premium leather uppers not only provide rich colours, but they are also breathable and flexible.

Are Fly London Boots Wide Fitting?

The width across the toe is quite broad and Fly London boots are often ideal if you require a wider fit. The roomy design is ideal for adding your own insoles if you require orthotics.

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Do Fly London Boots Stretch?

Fly London leathers tend to be thick and strong so they do stretch over time. The nubuck leathers and suede are obviously softer so they stretch quicker.

Does Fly London Have Arch Support?

Fly London does not have much in the way of arch support, just a very slight shaping. However, the roomy design means there is plenty of space if you wish to add your own orthotics.

How To Maintain Fly London Boots

The premium leather uppers of Fly Boots are often in gorgeous colours and finishes, so knowing how to care for your leathers is paramount to getting longevity out of your boots. This includes keeping them in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area, cleaning regularly with a soft cloth and letting them dry naturally.

ARE Fly London Vegan?

Whilst Fly London as a brand has sustainability at the core of its operations, most of its footwear range is made from leather meaning they are not vegan. They do carry a small vegan range but it does not include their top styles that our customers love like Salv or Mes.

Where Are Fly London Shoes Made?

Fly London is a brand whose story began during the 1990s in the UK. However, Fly London shoes are made in two different locations depending on where you are purchasing them from. Shoes purchased in Europe are manufactured in Portugal, whilst shoes purchased in the US are manufactured in China.


Fly London is a very popular brand and we see a regular following who eagerly anticipate the new season’s styles. If you are looking to buy Fly London boots, you are now armed with the knowledge of how they fit.