Womens High Heels

High heels are a great confidence booster making your legs look longer and can be the source of many compliments.  There is a vast range of styles to choose from whether you’re looking for the classic black high heel or searching for something more exciting with a slingback, peep-toe or Mary Jane style.  For a vintage inspired look try our Ruby Shoo high heels that feature feminine floral details that will complete your outfit.  Twice a year we have a sale and a selection of shoes go into the women’s high heels sale, have a browse to find yourself a bargain.

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Women's Heeled Shoes

A girl’s best friend, perfect for those days you just need a little extra added OOMPH, heels are the perfect way to elevate an outfit. With a staggering array on offer, we at Begg Shoes and Bags know that finding your perfect heel can be almost as difficult as walking in the wrong ones! Let us take the pain out of choosing…

Styles of High Heels:

Stiletto Heels

The stiletto. Epitomised as a power fashion statement in the 80’s the stiletto has been worn and loved for many years. Usually paired with an upper that encases the sides of the foot while leaving the very top open, the stiletto helps to elongate the legs and make the bust and buttocks appear more prominent. Tamaris 22407-513 Taggia is a truly gorgeous fuschia stiletto.  

Slingback Heels

Sublimely stylish, the slingback encompasses the sides of the feet while having a strap around the heel.  Often paired with an open or pointed to, the slingback adds a touch of classic elegance to any pair of shoes. Slingback frequently have a buckle fastening, allowing them to be adjusted to your individual needs, giving support and comfort such as these Tamaris 29605-001 Yam in black.

Open toe or peep toe heels

Effortlessly elegant, the open toe is classically stylish, that peep of perfectly polished toes giving a flash of skin. Peep toes are often paired with a more enclosed foot to focus the attention on the front and elongate the leg but open toes come with a variety of other uppers. Also, perfect for those of us who are less confident about our toes, the open toed shoe usually covers all but one or two. A sparkling example of an open toed shoe is the Vanille 50719-40 by Lotus, a truly stunning peep toe.  

Strappy Heels

Perfect for a summer wedding, the strappy heel embraces the best of sandals and heels. Offering the added height and sophistication of a heel while intertwining the cooling benefits and style of a sandal. Membur bring us Durcal 06281-87 a perfect example of a strappy heel, elegant and stylish.  

Block Heels

The ultimate in comfort, the block heel provides a greater base area on the ground offering increased stability and comfort. Fantastically wearable, block heels come in a variety of heights and a multitude of uppers. Marco Tozzi’s Hecho is a brilliant example of a block heel.

Wedge Heels

Offering increased comfort, the wedge creates a greater surface area in contact with the floor and gives added stability.  The classic wedge comes in many heights from just a touch of a graduated heel for those days you need a little lift to a substantial 5cm or so, perfect for a summer BBQ or girl’s night out. Marco Tozzi’s Senwedge is the perfect example of a classically stylish wedge and is available in 3 colours.  

Kitten heels

Kitten heels feature a smaller (2.5 to 5cm), more tapered heel than a stiletto, perfect for when comfort and security are a must but you need a little lift. The shorter heel height offers increased stability, often paired with a sling-back for timeless elegance, the kitten heel is a gorgeous style of shoes. Hume by Gabor is a truly gorgeous example of a kitten heel.

Mary Jane Heels

The Mary Jane is a practical yet stylish choice of heel. Featuring a strap over the foot for added security, the Mary Jane is perfect for work or for those with a narrower foot. Often, Mary Jane heels are of a mid-height but can be smaller or higher, making them incredibly wearable. A perfect example of a Mary Jane is the 5190-1400011 Daytobar by IMAC.

High Heeled Brands:

Lotus Heels

Started in 1759 by the Bostock Family, Lotus bring over 250 years of experience to their shoes and it truly shows. Lotus draw inspiration from current fashion trends and blend them seamlessly with their knowledge and experience to create spectacular shoes. Renowned for their stunning finishes, attention to detail, range of colours and variety of uppers, Lotus are a brand that should be in every shoe rack and who wouldn't feel fantastic in a pair of Lotus Arlind 50796-70 heeled shoes? Buy your Lotus ladies heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Lotus stockists.

Marila Heels

100% made in Spain, these stunning leather ladies sandals encompass all that a summer sandal should be. The use of bright colours and bold designs contrasted against clean and simple lines makes these ladies sandals truly eye-catching. Marila have given more than a nod to practicality with these sandals, supremely comfortable, they also feature rubber soles to reduce slip. Perfect for holidays or to pop on with absolutely everything this summer!  Buy your Marila ladies wedges from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Marila stockists.

Marco Tozzi Heels

Marco Tozzi are owned by German company Wortmann, and create stylish, trendy and affordable shoes for all occasions. A large selection of Marco Tozzi shoes feature their antishock technology making them fantastically comfortable to wear. Marco Tozzi use unique detailing along with an array of colours and styles to create a fantastically versatile and wearable range of shoes. For example, the Marco Tozzi Heels Perisling 29600 which is available in black patent or light grey patent is very versatile for day or night, casual or work. Buy your Marco Tozzi ladies heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Marco Tozzi Stockist.

Tamaris Heels

Also, part of the Wortmann group, Tamaris offer fashionable and comfortable ladies footwear. The use of their ‘touch it’ technology in the insoles of many of their shoes adds comfort and wearability. Their range of colours, finishes and designs means that Tamaris really do create something for everyone. Tamaris blend expertise with quality and comfort to ensure they provide a superbly desirable product and the Jolie 29614-30 will match your style. Buy your Tamaris ladies heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Tamaris stockist.

Wonders Heels

Made near Alicante in Spain, Wonders use high quality Italian leathers both for the linings and outers of their shoes making them wonderfully light, comfortable and breathable. Wonders use a rubber sole for added comfort which paired with the leather uppers keeps the shoes superbly light and flexible. Wonders are a family owned brand with three generations of experience, allowing close control over the quality of the leathers used and the final products. Their Daliance M2037-70 in navy is an elegant slingback heeled shoe. Buy your Wonders Ladies heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Wonders stockist.

Pacomena Heels by Menbur

Established over 40 years ago, Menbur create shoes to celebrate women. Their focus on occasion and elegance can be easily seen in their heels while their attention to detail and sublime choice of uppers is second to none and the gorgeous detailing on the Crestrum 07500-01 is one you must try on.  Buy your Menbur heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Menbur stockist.

Gabor Heels

Gabor are renowned for being a fantastically stylish and comfortable brand. Their use of premium quality leathers paired with over 85 years of shoe crafting experience makes Gabor shoes a joy to wear. Comfort is a massive part of any Gabor shoe, alongside superb quality and exceptional design. Gabor strive for perfection and to provide something for everyone. Their Hovercraft insoles provide extra comfort using air cushioned soles and every women should own a pair of nude heels such as the Gabor Lavender 85.210.72.  Buy your Gabor ladies heels shoes from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Gabor stockist.

Ruby Shoo Heels

Established in 2010, Ruby Shoos create stunning, quirky but utterly wearable ladies shoes. Perfect for weddings and occasions but also gorgeous with a pair of jeans on days you need a lift, Ruby Shoos are a wardrobe must have. A London based company, Ruby Shoo draw inspiration from around the world, their designs also have a very strong vintage vibe to them such as the Hannah 09180-70. Buy your Ruby Shoo Heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Ruby Shoo stockist.

Irregular Choice Heels

Established by Dan Sullivan in 1999, Irregular Choice bring quirky to new heights with their fantastic designs. Playful and passionate, Irregular Choice pushes the boundaries of footwear and fashion while remaining surprisingly comfortable. A real statement piece for any occasion, Irregular Choice let your feet do the talking with the gorgeously floral Peach Melba. Buy your Irregular Choice heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Irregular Choice outlet.

Begg Shoes and Bags are also the official stockists of Alpina, Ara, Clarks, Jana, Antonio Dolfi, Laura Vita, Imac, Rieker and Remonte.

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