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American brand Converse started making shoes in 1908 and are now a household name. Produced in a variety of colours and designs, their iconic All Star continues to be a firm favourite. With trainers for men, women and even kids (to get that mini-me look) there's Converse for all.

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Converse Trainers


ConverseConverse started out in 1908 specializing in galoshes but soon after they started using their rubber to make trainers.  In 1920 their canvas basketball trainer was named the ‘All Star’ and followed with the legendary Chuck Taylor’s name and endorsement being added to the style in 1923.  The name has stuck ever since with the style continually being updated in various materials and prints.  Evolving from its intended use as a basketball training shoe, it is now more recognised as a casual everyday, anywhere trainer.

The Converse Oxfords and Converse All-Stars are the base styles of an extensive and ever increasing range, with black converse and white converse being the most popular colours.  The brand is most frequently recognised by their distinguishable star emblem, smooth rubber toecap and vulcanized rubber sole.  Converse continue to be a definite wardrobe staple for everyone including celebrities, athletes and musicians alike.    

Converse historically have and continue to provide a large range of high quality footwear for women, men, boys and girls. 


What Converse believe……

One of the main intentions from Converse is to do the best they can to make a positive impact within the areas in which we all work and live.  They have a strong focus on encouraging and inspiring young people to unleash their creative spirit and to be their true authentic selves.  In turn they believe this can change the world.  All in all they aim to be useful, to connect and most importantly a company that cares.  

Their community efforts and scope of impact will continue to develop as the company expands.



The majority of footwear designed for indoor sports such as tennis, badminton etc. feature a gum rubber sole which displays many advantages.  The rubber used within Converse trainers is generally a light shade of brown which in turn provides an excellent non-marking sole, often desired for use in gym halls and hard court surfaces.  Additionally this provides excellent grip when playing sports as the rubber heats up as you play.   



Converse state that their sizing is unique and specific to the trainer in question.  Please use their size chart guidance when purchasing your new Converse trainers.  If you are unsure, it is always advisable to visit one of our shoe shops to get yourself professionally fitted.  Visit our store locator to find your nearest Begg Shoes.     


Caring for your trainers

First of all and most important always test the cleaning method on an area of the Converse shoes which is not visible.  An advisable location for testing the cleaning product would be along the outside edges of the tongue as this is hidden within the shoe.  Once satisfied this will not affect the colour or material of your Converse trainers proceed accordingly.  For canvas, leather or synthetic styles it is recommended to gently rub using a damp cloth with mild soap and lukewarm water.  Suede styles simply require the use of a suede brush to brush away any dirt once dried – water must not be applied to suede Converse.

For best drying results for your Converse, stuff with paper to keep their shape then leave to dry at room temperature.

Please note for all styles of Converse trainers – DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY

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