Womens Nordikas Slippers


Nordikas slippers offer a range of slippers designed for comfort which has been achieved by using pressure-free foot support and shock-absorbing technologies. Featuring non slip soles and leather uppers these are the perfect house shoe. Browse our collection with free UK delivery avaiable.

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Womens Nordikas Slippers

Nordikas Slippers

Nordikas has become synonymous with leading-edge style, hardwearing structure and legendary comfort and has become a world-famous brand of slippers.  Begg Shoes is an official Nordikas stockist and have both ladies and men's Nordikas which feature non-slip soles. This makes them ideal for safety and peace of mind when wearing them at home.

One of the main focuses of Nordikas women's slippers is foot health and so all Nordika slippers are constructed using premium quality soft flexible materials which also make them breathable, ideal if they are being worn for a long period of time.

Maintenance and Care of Nordikas

As Nordikas are made with leather they may get wet but should not be subjected to the aggressive action of a washing machine and you shouldn’t let them dry in the sun either. Premium materials have been used in the manufacturing process of Nordikas slippers from leather uppers to wool linings. From the moment they are designed until they reach your feet your Nordikas will undergo strict controls to maintain their high level of quality.

Suede Slippers - To clean a pair of Nordikas slippers in a suede model gently wipe them a with a brush which has stiff bristles. If necessary you can wash them with soap and cold water.

Leather Slippers - To clean your leather Nordikas slipper wash them with a damp cloth and leave them to dry. Once dry you should apply a natural shoe cream. Let the cream dry and rub with a cloth.

Fabric Slippers - Hand wash your fabric Nordikas slippers with a soft detergent and cold water.

Internal Linings - To clean the inside of your Nordikas slippers gently rub them with a damp sponge with soft detergents and cold water.

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