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Best Shoes for Corns & Calluses

What are corns & calluses?

It goes without saying that our feet really do take a lot of strain and often people won’t think about their feet until a foot problem develops. We at Begg Shoes strongly believe in ensuring our customers are properly fitted for their shoes. This goes a long way to helping or at least slowly down the development of foot problems.

First lets define the difference between a corn & a callus:

  • Corn: Corns are small circles of thick skin that usually develop on the sides and tops of your toes or even on the sole of the foot. But they can occur anywhere.
  • Calluses: Similar to a corn, these are hard, rough areas of skin that are often yellowish in colour.
Corns & Calluses


It’s just too much.

One thing everyone should know is that if shoes don’t fit well then areas of pressure are created and the skin reacts accordingly. This applies to men, women and children. This consistent pressure will result in the body producing a cushion to act as a shock absorber against the pressure. If this persists it starts with a blister and the outer layer of skin thickens. Over time this becomes hard and calloused, while a corn is smaller and more localised, often found over the toe joints.

Corns appear wherever the foot is receiving repetitive shock. Such as the rubbing on footwear or bones striking the ground unusually. It should be noted that a corn may only be the symptom of a larger problem and not the cause.

If you discover that you do infact have a corn or callouse you need to consider a few things:

What shoes do you wear?

Nurses Feet

Take a look at your shoes as a whole:

  • Is there a hard lump of glue or a seam on the inside causing friction?
  • Is there enough cushioning on the insole of the shoes?
  • Are they the right size? Too small and they could cause pressure? Too big and they can rub as your foot slips backwards & forwards while walking.

What lifestyle do you lead?

Nurses Feet

What about your lifestyle?

  • Does your job see you on your feet all day wearing specific (& often incorrect) footwear?
  • Do you partake in regular sports activities in the wrong footwear/socks?

The constant areas of pressure over time may cause you problems with your feet.

Preventing Corns & Calluses

Preventing Corns & Calluses

things you can do

Looking after your feet and choosing the right shoes goes a long way to helping to prevent corns and calluses. You need to stop any hard skin developing and we have the following suggestions:

Our suggestions for the best shoes for corns & calluses

Think about your shoes you were the most? These are the shoes you should ensure have used the highest quality materials as these are usually the softest of leathers while the insole is more often than like very cushioned. With brands like Rieker shoes additional technology has gone into the making of many styles, giving them fantastic features like Antistress. A large factor when buying a new pair of shoes is making sure that there are no seams which are going to hit on/catch over the corns as this could worsen the problem. Nikki from our Shoe Shops in Inverness had the following comment:

From seeing lots of customers feet, I would say that people wearing ballet pumps all the time can get corns because of the way these type of shoes fit ( short on length so toes end up cramped and can rub against the top of the pumps).


Most IMAC footwear are ideal because of their high level of comfort and the shape of lasts they use. The IMAC styles in particular – PLURIEL, ROSE and KRISTABIR – all have a smooth and lightly padded lining which not only adds to the comfort level in general but also ensures there is nothing to catch against any corns.


Most Rieker shoes are formed using stitched constructions so they do usually have seams running across the top of the shoes which can aggravate corns, however BIRBOOPA TEX has a cosy wool mix lining which is warm, comfortable and the overall shape of this style allows for toe room to avoid any foot issues such as corns.


As with Rieker, the Relaxshoe brand generally uses stitching to form their shoes and boots however, the inner linings on the CALYHITWO and CALYHIZE are soft and smooth for added comfort. The lightweight design and lace up fastening are great features also for well -fitting shoes.


ROMYBOOT is an excellent choice of winter shoe. The lace up fastening allows you to achieve an optimum fit and the breadth and depth of toe box on this shoe allows for plenty of ‘wiggle’ room for your toes! These boots also have a smooth inner lining for extra comfort and no irritations, while also being a very practical shoe for this time of year.


Best Shoes for Corns & Calluses on SALE

Once a pair of shoes goes onto SALE at Begg Shoes it stays on sale, but when it’s gone it’s gone! Here are our top 3 picks of sale shoes which are ideal for corns & calluses due to their soft materials & cushioned insole.

ECCO Soft 5

ECCO Soft 5

This style of ECCO shoe, is one of the best fitting shoes in the business, and is recommended around the globe by chiropodists for it’s soft and accomodating shape.



IMAC Fantex

IMAC Shoes Fantex

This style of IMAC shoes are suitable for corns & calluses due to their high level of comfort. They have a smooth and lightly padded lining which not only adds to the comfort level in general but also ensures there is nothing to catch against any corns.



Rieker – M1356-90 Fixflo

Rieker M1356-90 Fixflo

These Rieker everyday shoes are soft, cushioned and flexible to ensure every step you take is comfortable. The leather has no seams over the toe area to ensure very little to no rubbing on the toes while the full covering of the shoe allows for a more secure fit which should help to stop the shoes from rubbing.



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