BEST Womens Shoes for Back Pain

Wearing The Right Shoes Can Help Avoid or Recover From Back Pain

We have put together a guide on the best Women’s shoes for back pain. When your feet walk approximately 70,000 miles in a lifetime and the average adult can take in excess of 18,000 steps per day – its clear that your choice of footwear can make a big difference to your wellbeing. Each foot has 19 muscles, 26 bones, over 100 ligaments and thousands of nerve endings – it’s no wonder that Leonardo da Vinci called the foot a masterpiece of engineering!


Footwear is essential to a person’s physiology, and good footwear and shoe fitting should be taken seriously for the sake of your health. Incorrectly fitting shoes can be as damaging as the shoes themselves, therefore if you are suffering from back pain you need good shoes and well-fitted shoes.

It would be irresponsible to claim that wearing the right shoes can cure back pain, however it is clear that wearing appropriate footwear can make a big difference in mitigating and recovering from back pain. We always recommend your first port of call for back pain issues is your doctor or a trusted medical body such as the NHS.

Is wearing flat shoes bad for your back?

Wearing completely flat shoes can have a jarring effect, mainly due to lack of cushioning and support in shoes of that nature. The optimal shoes to avoid back pain all include support, cushioning and a secure fastening and unfortunately many very flat styles of shoes simply do not have these features.

For example, a very a thin sole in a pair of fashion inspired pumps or ballerinas, simply does not have the space to include cushioning and rarely have any kind of fastening to secure the shoe. Often it can be difficult to keep pumps on your feet and gripping with your toes puts immense added strain on your feet and lower legs. The repeated impact of walking with no meaningful support or cushioning, whilst also gripping your toes can cause stress on joints over time – not to mention the immediate discomfort at the time.

Are High Heels Bad for your Back?

Unfortunately wearing high heels is can be very damaging to your feet and ultimately send significant added strain up through your body, to your back.

The reason for this is that wearing your favourite heels, pushes your feet into an unnatural shape. You can feel this at home – try first walking normally across the floor, then try the same walk but lift your big toe up in to that ‘high heel position.’ When your big toe is lifted up, you completely lock out the shock absorbing capability of your foot and this means shocks come directly up through your legs to your back.

No matter how gorgeous your heels are, there is no doubt that they allow shockwaves to travel straight through your body. These shockwaves can cumulatively do damage over extended periods. With every step, the impact is sent straight up the leg towards your back.

While this is by no means a reason stop wearing high heels full-stop, it does mean than you should be prepared and switch out to something more appropriate at times. For example on longer days at work, or for walking longer distances you should have something fit for purpose tucked in your bag or under the desk, if you can. For more advice, read our top tips for wearing high heels blog. We advise wearing shoes that have arch and heel support, along with flexible and shock absorbent sole units.

Tips For Wearing High Heels

best shoes for back pain: key Features

What to look for

Arch support

Heel support

Shock Absorbent



Leather or soft fabric upper

What to avoid

Completely flat shoes

Hard or stiff upper


Rigid sole unit

No arch support

Thin sole unit

are cheap shoes bad for my back?

There is not a short answer to this question. A well-made shoe has at least 60 different components used in its construction, with some shoes having up to 200 components. These parts give a shoe its structure and will keep the foot in the shape it is designed to be. In footwear design and manufacture however, there are always shortcuts available and this is how brands keep prices down, or profits up in some cases.

The best way to think about this is that your feet are worth investing a little time and money in. You will need time to find the shoe that genuinely fits – we know from 150 years running shoe stores that this is not straightforward. Secondly, you should consider buying high quality footwear, which is cleverly designed to offer both comfort and the design features that you love. Fashion doesn’t have to kill your feet!

Some people who suffer from back pain may have been recommended to use specialist orthotics or insoles. It is worth mentioning that insoles or orthotics can offer great support for your foot but are typically not recognised as a common cure for back pain (Source: NHS) – make sure to consult medical professionals to find the best solution for you. Everyone is different.

Begg Shoes are certified by The Society of Shoe Fitters, and we have over 150 years worth of knowledge and experience in shoe fitting. The advice above is intended to help those who suffer from back pain, rather than to offer medical advice. Please contact your local GP or health services if you are seeking medical advice on back pain or issues.

Best Womens Shoes for Back Pain: Our Top Picks

1. Gabor Nulon, £120

Best trainers for back pain

Gabor Nulon Trainers for Back Pain

Lightweight Women’s trainers are ideal for avoiding everyday comfort. The leather upper is flexible and breathable, allowing your feet the freedom to move. The lightweight and flexible sole unit helps to protect your feet from impact. Gabor are well known for their superb comfort both around and underfoot, using top quality materials and breathable leather uppers.


2. ecco oFFROAD lADY, £90

Best walking sandals for back pain

ECCO Offroad Lady Walking Sandals for Back Pain

One of the best footwear brands in the world, ECCO Women’s Shoes are well-known for their premium materials, supportive comfort and top-notch shoe construction. These walking sandals feature three-point Velcro straps so that you can get the best fit for your feet. The direct injection polyurethane sole unit is lightweight, flexible and shock absorbent, designed to protect your feet and the rest of your body from repetitive impact.


3. Gabor Riband, £89.99

Best pumps for back pain

Gabor Riband Fuchsia Pumps for Back Pain

We love Gabor for their flattering styles and supportive shoes. From built-in arch and heel support, Gabor shoes effortlessly combine style and comfort. These pumps feature a gorgeous bright pink nubuck leather upper and supportive insole. They have a little extra height at the heel which makes these pumps more suitable for those who suffer from back pain, and the elasticated topline helps the shoe hold on to your foot effortlessly.


4. IMAC Britney G Lace, £69.99

Best work shoes for back pain

IMAC Britney G Lace Work Shoes for Back Pain

One of our own exclusive brands, IMAC offers Italian shoes designed with comfort in mind. These women’s brogues have built-in arch support whilst the raised heel provides additional support. The supple patent leather upper is flexible and allows your feet freedom of movement. The PU sole is shock absorbent and highly flexible, protecting your feet from the impact of day to day walking at work. Take a look at our entire collection of women’s IMAC to find shoes for those who suffer from back pain at affordable prices.


5. Legero Tanaro Stitch, £75

Best comfort lacing shoes for back pain

Legero Tanaro Stitch Lacing Shoes

A top style from Legero, these Womens comfort lacing shoes are a colourful version of the popular Legero Tanaro shoe. The direct injection polyurethane sole unit is hard-wearing and lightweight, whilst the exterior side zip allows a quick and easy fastening. The removable insole features a cupped heel and built-in arch support, designed to give your feet relief from fatigue.


Legero Tanaro Zip Lacing Shoes for Back Pain

Something we have found immensely popular in our stores is the easy access side zip and we love this guaranteed waterproof Gore-Tex style from Legero for superb ease of use and highly practical day to day comfort which can go out in all weather conditions.


6. Skechers Go Walk Slipper, £67

Best slippers for back pain

Skechers Go Walk Slippers for Back Pain

Loved for their athletic styles and memory foam footbeds, Skechers have branched out with their range to include the highly sought after Skechers slippers for Women. The Skechers GO Walk range features responsive cushioning and comfort pillars on the outsole for amazing support. The lightweight slippers are cosy and can be worn outside too.


7. IMAC Runner, £65

Best walking shoes for back pain

IMAC Runner Walking Shoes for Back Pain

One of our most popular styles, these IMAC walking shoes are loved for their superb comfort and supportive qualities. The direct injection PU sole unit is hard wearing, light, flexible and shock absorbent – ideal if you suffer from back pain or plantar fasciitis. The breathable leather upper will help to keep your feet cool and comfortable, whilst the removable footbed offers extra width if required.


8. Legero Monta Lace GTX, £150

Best boots for back pain

Legero Monta Lace Gore Tex Boots for Back Pain

These Legero boots are stylish, waterproof and supportive. The women’s boots feature a gorgeous brugndy leather upper which is breathable and pliable. There is a full lace-up front plus a handy side zip for easy foot entry. The direct injection polyurethane midsole is flexible and shock absorbent, whilst the cleated sole unit offers improved traction.


9. Hotter Mist GTX, £95

Best waterproof shoes for back pain

Hotter Mist Gore Tex Walking Shoes

One of our most popular brands, Hotter Shoes and boots feature direct injection Polyurethane sole units which are lightweight and flexible. The cupped heel ensures your feet do not roll side to side as you walk, helping to maintain posture and stability. The nubuck leather upper offers freedom of movement and breathability, and these waterproof shoes can be worn on a variety of terrains.