Best Shoes for Bunions

Best Shoes for Bunions

One of the most common foot health problems that we encounter in our stores on a daily basis is bunions. Our expert teams see first-hand how our shoes fit and which styles to recommend to customers. Begg Shoes have a variety of brands that stock a collection of bunion-friendly shoes. In this guide we will review the best footwear for bunions currently available, helping to alleviate some of the soreness and slow down progression.

What Shoes To Wear With Bunions

Bunion-friendly shoes have wide fitting options and often can accommodate additional orthotics thanks to removable insoles. Typically, women tend to be more prone to bunions due to wearing high heels, pointed-toe shoes, or shoes that have not been correctly fitted.

For men, bunions are often caused by ill-fitting footwear during childhood, or by work footwear such as safety boots during adulthood. And of course, it could also be hereditary. It is extremely important for parents to get their children’s feet professionally fitted early on to ensure they are wearing the correct size.

Best Shoes for Bunions: Our Recommendations

Take a look at the shoes our experienced team recommends to customers with bunions or even an inflamed joint/start of a bunion.

1. Ecco Mx Womens, £90

Best Trainers for Bunions

Ecco Mx Womens Trainers

  • Nubuck Leather Upper
  • Padded lining
  • Removable insole
  • Adjustable lace
  • Shock absorbent

ECCO offer superb arch support and the MX range of trainers is lightweight, flexible and well-cushioned underfoot.


2. IMAC Kayla, £69.99

Best Comfort Lacing Shoes for Bunions

Imac Comfort Lacing Shoes for Bunions

  • Soft Leather Upper
  • Padded lining
  • Removable insole
  • Stretchy lace

These women’s comfort lacing shoes have a supple leather upper with padded lining that will feel superb against your feet. IMAC is one of our favourite brands for comfort, so much so that our shop staff often wear them for work due to their superb comfort throughout long days on your feet. Lightweight and flexible, these women’s Imac shoes have minimal detailing over the bunion area for excellent comfort.


3. Skechers Arch Fit Go Walk Slip On, £77

Best Comfort Slip-on Shoes for Bunions

Skechers Arch Fit Go Walk Slip on Shoes

  • Stretchy fabric upper
  • Minimal Design
  • Easy slip-on fit
  • Built-in Arch Fit support
  • Removable insole
  • Vegan
  • Machine Washable

For a simple sporty look, these Skechers slip-on trainers would be super comfortable for those who struggle with bunions. The stretchy fabric upper will fit over your foot shape for a unique fit, whilst the built-in arch support insole is removable in case you wish to use your own orthotics. These women’s Skechers shoes are practical and comfy because they are Vegan and machine washable.


4. Legero Tanaro Trek Gtx, £130

Best Waterproof Shoes for Bunions

Legero Tanaro Trek Gtx Waterproof Shoes for Bunions

  • Suede Upper
  • Full Lace Fastening
  • Removable Insole
  • Cupped heel and built-in arch support
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane

These Legero shoes are lightweight, waterproof and eye-catching. The Legero Tanaro range is always popular as they feel instantly comfortable and accommodate many foot shapes.


5. Legero Tanaro Pump, £75

Best Pumps for Bunions

Legero Tanaro Pumps for Bunions

  • Soft Suede Upper
  • Elastic Panel
  • Removable insole
  • Arch Support
  • Available in three more colours

These casual pumps are the perfect companion for summertime exploring. Based on the popular Legero Tanaro design, these women’s Legero shoes have all the same features of being lightweight, flexible and hard-wearing, in the form of a slip-on pump. Your feet will love these pumps!


6. Hotter Daisy Wide, £79

Best Wide Fit Shoes for Bunions

Hotter Daisy Wide Fit White Shoes for Bunions

  • White Leather Upper
  • Wide Fit
  • Shock Absorbing & Flexible
  • Leather Lining
  • Removable Insole

Everyone needs a casual comfy pair of shoes and just because you have a bunion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compromise on style or comfort. These casual slip-on shoes from Hotter are a great choice for those struggling with bunions. Made on Hotter’s wide-fit design, these women’s wide fit shoes are a stylish and comfy style for those who have bunions.


7. Peter Kaiser Malana, £145

Heels for Bunions

Peter Kaiser Malana women's heels for bunions

  • Suede leather upper
  • 60mm heel height
  • Leather Lining
  • Matching bag available

Peter Kaiser creates exquisite occasion shoes offering elegant styling. In addition, these women’s heels offer a soft suede upper and elasticated vamp so we find these accommodate and disguise bunions well.


8. Legero Lima Force, £110

Best 2022 Shoes for Bunions

Legero Lima Force White Trainers

  • Smooth leather upper
  • Removable Insole
  • Fully adjustable lace
  • On-trend for 2022

Bang on trend this season, these women’s white trainers can be worn with dresses, jeans, skirts and more, making them superbly versatile. The beautifully soft leathers, flexible sole unit and comfy footbed are all fabulous features.


Best Sandals For Bunions


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What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a condition where the big toe joint shifts out of place, causing a bump on the inside of the foot. In many cases, a bunion will distort the shape of footwear. Carefully selected and fitted shoes are essential for comfortable day-to-day wear. Bunions can be hereditary or linked to arthritis however the most common cause is generally accepted to be ill-fitting footwear.

Bunions are a common problem that can affect young and old alike. Medically known as hallux valgus, the lump or swelling and tenderness on the first joint of the big toe. Bunions can often have a fluid-filled sac over the affected area as a result of the body’s natural defence in protecting the joint.

Bunion Advice

How Do I Spot A Bunion?

The formation of a bunion begins with the toe joint aching and becoming red. This is commonly due to the toes being cramped in certain types of footwear that don’t allow for forward movement, and with every step, the big toe is pushed backwards or sideways causing it to become distorted and bent. This happens to counteract the lack of room within the shoe to move freely.

Can Age Affect Bunions and Other Foot Problems?

If the problem presents itself in a young person, orthotics can be purchased to align the big toe in the correct place and appropriate footwear can be purchased to allow the foot the space needed to grow and for the toe to realign.

In a more mature foot, unfortunately, the problem will progressively worsen as rheumatism and arthritis begin to affect the area. After consistently wearing inappropriate shoes, the bunion will get worse and may eventually be painful. Existing footwear can then become misshapen as the little toes are forced upwards to make way for the alteration of the big toe.

It is important that the appropriate shoes are worn to accommodate the repositioned toes to negate knock-on effects. Another potential problem arising from bunions is that other toes can rub on the upper of the shoe and corns develop.

What Features Make the Best Shoes For Bunions?

Unfortunately, a bunion is an irreversible condition and in severe cases may lead to another toe being removed if one becomes lifted and pushed out of place. Good quality leather shoes with ample room in the toe box are always our top recommendation.

Leather is a fantastic material in footwear – breathable, flexible and looks great. With a leather upper, you can expect natural stretch in the material, not offered by many man-made materials and this helps the shoe adjust to your individual foot shape. We have specialist tools in store which allow us to stretch a leather shoe to match your foot shape, but any good shoe repair shop will do this for you locally if you don’t live near our stores.

What Shoes Not To Wear With Bunions?

Typically, podiatrists will advise not wearing tight-fitting footwear that could squash your feet, if you have bunions. Along the same lines, shoes with a pointed toe will force your toes inwards and could push the two big toe joints out to form a bunion. Similarly, the forward pressure caused by wearing heels can put pressure on your feet if worn too often. Whilst wearing heels on the odd occasion would be fine, the general advice would be to avoid regularly wearing heels if you suffer from bunions.

Should I Wear Trainers With A Bunion?

From our experience, our customers are often advised to wear trainers if they have a bunion as they are soft, light and flexible and easily allow for orthotics. Unfortunately, this is not a look that works for everyone – particularly for work or a formal occasion. There are lots of great options in our footwear range and we do our best to advise the best shoe for the purpose you have in mind.

Can Shoes Help Correct Bunions?

Unfortunately, bunions are an irreversible condition. Whilst all the styles we have suggested can help alleviate any pain or discomfort associated with bunions, they will not cure this foot health problem.