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Bunions are one of the most common foot health problems that we encounter on a daily basis. A huge part of our shop staff’s job is to know how each of our shoes fit and which shoes to recommend to customers, especially those with foot problems. In this guide, our aim is to give you an understanding of bunions – what they are and which type of footwear may help to alleviate some of the discomfort and slow down the progression that is associated with them.

What is a Bunion?

In medical terms this is a condition in which the big toe turns towards the smaller toes. In simpler terms this is a lump or swelling and tenderness on the first joint of the big toe and it is not the same as a corn. Sometimes in bad cases this may distort footwear and those suffering will require carefully selected and fitted shoes.

A bunion can often have a fluid filled sac over the joint which is the body’s way of protecting the area and may also be known as a Hallux Valgus.  This may often happen after years of stress on the joint, but many believe this common foot problem is hereditary.  As most feet are born perfect and unless arthritis or similar is in the family, it is more likely that bunions are a result of badly fitted shoes and this common foot problem can affect young and old alike.

What to look out for

It first starts out with the joint becoming red and sore. This may be because the toes have been constricted in shoes which don’t allow for the forward movement and at every step the big toe has been pushed backwards or sideways causing it to become distorted and bent. This happens to compensate for the lack of room to move.

If the problem presents itself in a young person, orthotics can be purchase to help hold the big toe in place and appropriate footwear purchased to allow the foot room to grow and the toe to straighten.

In a more mature foot the problem will steadily worsen as rheumatism and arthritis get to grips with this joint. After repeatedly wearing the incorrect footwear the bunion will worsen and may eventually be painful. Footwear may then become disfigured as the toes move and are pushed upwards to make way for the deviation of the big toe. It’s important to know that the right shoes should be worn to accommodate the repositioned toes as there can be knock on effects. If the big toe pushes the other toes which then rub on the upper of the shoe corns can then develop.


But what?

Unfortunately a bunion is an irreversible condition and may lead to another toe being removed if one becomes lifted and pushed out of place in severe cases (which is sometimes seen with the 2nd or 4th toe). Good quality leather shoes such as the Padders Skye are recommended as the leather can be ‘stretched’ slightly to accommodate for a bunion with specialised tools we have in store. The elderly are often advised to wear trainers if they have a bunion as they are soft and flexible and easily allow for orthotics. But you might agree that unless you’re out jogging you might not be happy wearing a pair of trainers. Begg Shoes is a stockist of some very good brands who have footwear in their collection which is ideal for wear with a bunion such as Ecco Shoes or Legero Shoes.

What to wear?

As mentioned Begg Shoes has a variety of brands who stock a collection of shoes which are “Bunion Friendly”. Their shoes are very soft, stylish, have a wide fitting options and often can accommodate orthotics. Women are often more prone to bunions due to persistently wearing high heels, pointed toe shoes or not being correctly fitted, however this common problem can affect men as well. We have a few male customers who come in looking for shoes to accommodate their bunions. In men this is often caused either from running/distance running or wearing football boots which are too tight and of course it could also be hereditary. It is extremely important for parents to get their childrens feet professionally fitted from an early age to ensure they are wearing the correct shoes which allow for enough room but not too much room.

Padders have their own unique design and manufacturing which make their shoes exceptionally comfortable and supportive. Padders have done so well with their concept of comfort that feelgoodfeet is their own trademark. It’s a word the sums up their unique approach to creating the perfect shoes for men and women which is based on exhaustive research into the physiology of feet. As Padders shoes are made with removable insoles this makes them available with a wider fit, it also lets you add your own orthotics where required. Click here to browse our collection of Padders shoes or to find out more.

If you are suffering from foot problems then you should always ensure you wear soft, comfortable and lightweight shoes.  Legero has developed a collection of shoes that allow everyone to move lightly, comfortably and with functional protection. Their range of womens shoes are a sporty, functional shoe with a modern, innovative design and a lightweight construction. If you love your feet you should give them the gift of the “Legero feeling” all through the year. Legero shoes are not seasonal shoes, but a brand that can be worn throughout the year.In the winter and in the summer, in wet and dry conditions, in the city and in the great outdoors. Click here to browse our collection of Legero shoes or to find out more about their brand.

ECCO are passionate shoemakers and constantly strive to surprise. They want to develop innovative designs and products without having to compromise on the quality and comfort. Click here to browse our collection of ECCO Shoes or to find out more about their brand.

Bunion Friendly Shoe Suggestions

Below is a list of shoes which we normally find fit customers feet with bunions or even an inflamed joint/start of a bunion.

Gabor 63.700.46


The high coverage over the big toe joint area, with smooth linings, help to reduce friction or ‘rubbing’ of the upper on toe joint. Contoured footbed provides you with comfort and light support in a premium quality fashion sandal.

Clarks 1283-74D

Un Loop

This Clarks shoes is the perfect work shoe for those who struggle with Bunions and spend most of their day on their feet. With their soft leather uppers and soft cushioning they are perfect for all day wear.

Remonte R3427-90


Remonte shoes provide a great shape across the joint area. The velcro tab will help to secure these shoes on your feet if you have slimmer feet and bunion problems. This style from Remonte also features removable footbeds should you need your own orthotics.

Legero 00595-80

Tino Gor-Tex

Legero have crafted TINO using soft leathers through the uppers and used their famous cushioned and anatomically shaped footbed to ensure excellent comfort and support making this casual lace up shoe ideal for those who suffer from bunions.

ECCO 207083-01001

Aquet Zip GORE-TEX

Ecco Boots for Bunions

These ECCO boots are made with incredibly soft leather uppers making them the best boots for bunions this winter. The leather is naturally light & breathable with a soft textile lining for comfort.

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