Best Shoes for Bunions

Best Shoes for Bunions

One of the most common foot health problems that we encounter in our stores on a daily basis are bunions. Our expert teams in store see first-hand how each of our shoes fit and which styles to recommend to customers, especially those with foot problems. In this guide, we aim to give you an understanding of what bunions are, as well as which type of footwear may help to alleviate some of the soreness and slow down the progression that is associated with them.

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What is a Bunion?

To put it into simple terms this is a condition in which the big toe turns towards the smaller toes, meaning the two bones which comprise the big toe form an angle that may stick out. In a lot of cases, a bunion will distort the shape of footwear and carefully selected and fitted shoes are essential for comfortable day to day wear. Bunions can be hereditary or linked to arthritis however the most common cause is generally accepted to be ill-fitting footwear.

Bunions are a common problem and can affect young and old alike. Medically known as hallux valgus, the lump or swelling and tenderness on the first joint of the big toe is not the same as a corn and can be very uncomfortable. Bunions may often have a fluid-filled sac over the affected area which is the body’s natural defence in protecting the joint.

What is a bunion?

What to look out for

It begins with the toe joint aching as well as becoming red. The cause of this could be due to the toes being cramped in certain types of footwear which don’t allow for forward movement, and with every step, the big toe has been pushed backwards or sideways causing it to become distorted and bent. This happens to counteract the lack of room within the shoe to move freely.

Can age affect bunions & other foot problems?

If the problem presents itself in a young person, orthotics can be purchased to align the big toe in the correct place and appropriate footwear can be purchased to allow the foot the space needed to grow and for the toe to realign.

In a more mature foot, unfortunately, the problem will progressively worsen as rheumatism and arthritis begin to affect the area. After consistently wearing inappropriate shoes, the bunion will get worse and may eventually be painful. Existing footwear can then become misshapen as the little toes are forced upwards to make way for the alteration of the big toe.

It is important that the appropriate shoes should be worn to accommodate the repositioned toes as there can be knock-on effects. Another potential problem arising from bunions is that the other toes can then rub on the upper of the shoe and corns can then develop.

Stages of bunion developmentWEARing THE RIGHT FOOTWEAR for bunions

But what?

Unfortunately, a bunion is an irreversible condition and may lead to another toe being removed if one becomes lifted and pushed out of place in severe cases (which is sometimes seen with the 2nd or 4th toe). Good quality leather shoes with ample room in the toe box, are always our top recommendation.

Leather is a fantastic material in footwear – breathable, flexible and looks great too. With a leather upper, you can expect natural stretch in the material, unlike many man-made materials and this helps the shoe adjust to your individual foot shape. We have specialist tools in store which allow us to stretch a leather shoe to match your foot shape better but any good shoe repair shop will do this for you locally if you don’t live near our stores.

From our experience, our customers are often advised to wear trainers if they have a bunion as they are soft, light and flexible and easily allow for orthotics. Unfortunately, this is not a look that works for everyone – particularly for work or a formal occasion. There are lots of great options in our footwear range and we do our best to advise the best shoe for the purpose you have in mind.

What to wear?

As mentioned, we at Begg Shoes have a variety of brands who stock a collection of shoes which are bunion friendly. These shoes are very soft, stylish, have wide fitting options and often can accommodate additional orthotics thanks to removable insoles. Women tend to be more prone to bunions due to wearing high heels, wearing pointed-toe shoes or not being correctly fitted, however, this common problem can affect men as well. Looking for wide fit shoes can be the best option to accommodate the bunion.

For men, bunions can often be caused by ill fitting footwear early on, or even in adult life by work footwear such as safety boots or loose fitting welly boots and of course it could also be hereditary! It is extremely important for parents to get their children’s feet professionally fitted from an early age to ensure they are wearing the correct shoes which allow for enough room for movement but not too much room.

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Bunion Friendly Shoe Suggestions

Below is a list of shoes which we normally find fit customers feet with bunions or even an inflamed joint/start of a bunion.


The super soft leather of these slip-on shoes will mould to your feet for an exceptionally comfortable fit.

IMAC Shoes for Corns & Calluses


Legero EssenceThese Legero trainers are a sporty style and are ideal trainers for those who struggle with bunions as the upper is made of a soft suede leather. This will allow them to mould to the shape of your foot (& bunion) while still offering a high level of comfort.


The super soft leather of these slip-on shoes will mould to your feet for an exceptionally comfortable fit.

Softinos Shoes


Tanaro is one of the most popular styles from Legero and now they’ve made a Mary Jane shoe with all their comfort features. The soft leather uppers of these make them perfect for those who struggle with bunions while the Mary Jane style is perfect for spring / summer.


The soft leather upper of these extremely popular sandals are perfect for those who suffer from bunions.  Available in 15 different colours the choices are endless.

Lanzarote Sandals for Bunions

Featured Brands suitable For Bunions

Padders Shoes

PADDERS SHOES – Why are Padders good for bunions? Padders shoes and slippers offer extra width and a huge range of sizes in very practical shapes, making them a great everyday choice to accommodate a bunion. Made in the UK, they offer quality and comfort that our customers love and also have removable insoles, which allow you to add your own orthotics as required. Begg Shoes offer a broad range of Padders shoes, which you can find on this link.

Legero Shoes

LEGERO SHOES – Why Legero? Legero has developed a collection of shoes and boots with top quality leather uppers on a lightweight and flexible construction. Leather is a fantastic material which naturally moulds to your foot shape and the ease of movement and support on offer with a Legero shoe mean your foot does not need to work as hard. This should translate greater day to day comfort for a bunion.

As a brand, Legero offer distinctive design features and twists, which are a breath of fresh air for those who have stuck with the famous comfort shoe brands until now – well worth a try. Click here to browse our collection of Legero shoes or to find out more about their brand.


Rieker Shoes from Begg Shoes

Rieker Shoes are world-renowned for their patented Anti-Stress technology shoes. Their shoes are designed with comfort and fitting in mind, which can be excellent for a fitting a bunion without overly compromising the fashion led design of the shoe. With huge seasonal ranges and a reputation for reliable comfort and quality, Rieker are one of our most sought after brands.

Begg Shoes offer a UK leading range from Rieker Shoes but we always recommend our customer check out sister brand Remonte Shoes which features slightly higher material spec and finishing but the same excellent fit properties.