Best Sandals for Bunions

Best Sandals For Bunions

A common foot problem, yet one that causes many people issues with finding comfortable shoes, bunions can be painful and can cause people to want to hide their feet. Our shop staff are routinely asked which shoes are best for bunions. It is necessary that our shop staff know which shoes to recommend to customers with all types of foot problems.

Now that we are coming into sandal season, we have many customers asking which are the best sandals for bunions. In this guide, we aim to offer which types of sandals and summer shoes may help to alleviate the soreness of bunions.

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What to look for

We have given this a lot of thought and selected our range with care, to ensure we have a range of bunion friendly sandals. We recommend you look out for soft uppers, preferably made from naturally stretchy and accommodating materials, such as leather. Try to avoid having too much detail, especially stitching over the bunion area, as this could cause friction and typically is likely to limit how far the upper material can stretch.

Soft leathers and suedes are ideal materials for bunions as they will gently stretch to form a comfortable fit unique to each foot. We also have specialist shoemaking tools in our stores that will gently stretch certain areas of a shoe, and we are often asked by our customers to lightly stretch their shoes around the bunion area.

Wide fit sandals are ideal in that they can give more width across the toe box and this helps to work around a bunion. However, it is not automatic that having a bunion means you would have a wide foot overall and finding a secure heel fit with shoes can be a challenge for some. Thankfully many sandals have adjustable straps or no straps at all which helps us get a comfortable fit, without compromising too much on style in the summer.

Our Best Sandals for Bunions

1. Gabor Lanzarote, £65

Gabor Lanzarote Sandals for Bunions

Perfect for slipping on and getting out, these toe post sandals have a soft leather upper. There is high coverage over the bunion area and the minimal detail will feel comfy against your feet. Also available in eleven other colours, you can choose a sandal for every day of the week! We have a really comprehensive range of colours in similar styles from Gabor – so check out our Gabor women’s sandals range for more ideas.

2. IMAC Lake, £59.99

IMAC Lake Navy Walking Sandals for Bunions


These IMAC women’s sandals feature a super soft neoprene lining that will feel so comfy against your feet. There are three adjustable straps which allow a customisable fit too. The lightweight and flexible sole unit is hard wearing and long lasting too.

3. Fly London WOny, £79.99

Fly London Wony Slide Sandals for Bunions

Fly London women’s sandals are known for their striking designs and instantly recognisable style. Their coloured leather uppers are highly sought after and offer a comfy fit for your feet. They are also quite roomy for fit too, so there will be extra width and comfort with every step.

4. Toni Pons Nuria, £54.99

Toni Pons Nuria Blue Suede Espadrilles for Bunions

These gorgeous closed toe sandals have all the right summer vibes thanks to the espadrille design. The high coverage over the bunion area in the suede upper will gently stretch for superior comfort. Toni Pons are considered a Standard to Narrow fit, so these are great if you are looking for narrow sandals for bunions.

5. Legero Siris, £75

Legero Siris Walking Sandals for Bunions

Legero create shoes that are highly supportive and comfy, and these women’s walking sandals are no exception. Featuring a cushion soft neoprene lining, these leather walking sandals will feel amazing whilst wearing. The anatomically-shaped insole provides arch support and a cupped heel whilst wearing, and extra width is achieved through the three-point Velcro straps.

6. Gabor Eagle £65

Gabor Eagle Slide Sandals for Bunions

So good we have to mention them twice, Gabor pull it out the bag again with these white slide sandals. Perfect for wearing at the beach or in your garden, these leather sandals are super soft and stretchy. There is minimal detail over the bunion area and the anatomically shaped footbed is comfy and supportive.