Best Sandals for Bunions

A common foot problem, yet one that causes many people issues with finding comfortable shoes, bunions can be painful and can cause people to want to hide their feet. Our shop staff are routinely asked which shoes are best for bunions and it is necessary that our shop staff know which shoes to recommend to customers with all types of foot problems.

Now that we are coming into sandal season, we have many customers asking which are the best sandals for bunions. In this guide, we aim to offer which types of sandals and summer shoes may help to alleviate the soreness of bunions.

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Wear the right shoeS

But which ones? Unfortunately a bunion is irreversible and in extreme cases, could lead to a toe being removed if one has been pushed out of place in severe cases (which is sometimes seen with the 2nd or 4th toe). Good quality and soft leather sandals are recommended as the natural material of leather will stretch slightly to accommodate for a bunion.

Many people are often advised to wear trainers if there is a bunion present as trainers can be soft and flexible as well as allowing extra width for orthotics. This is a more casual option and depending on your style and preference, you may find a trainer too casual. Begg Shoes stock some excellent brands who have sandals and summer shoes in their collection which are ideal for bunions such as Ecco Shoes or Legero Shoes.

Which brands are best?

We at Begg Shoes are proud stockists of many brands who design bunion friendly shoes and sandals.

Look out for soft uppers preferable in natural materials such as leathers and suedes, and keep an eye out for seamless or minimal detail over the bunion area. You will want to avoid any friction on the bunion area, so avoid any detail or overlays which could cause any irritation.

Soft leathers and suedes are ideal materials for bunions as they will gently stretch to form a comfortable fit unique to each foot. We also have specialist shoe making tools in our stores which will gently stretch certain areas of a shoe, and we are often asked by our customers to lightly stretch their shoes around the bunion area.

Wide fit sandals are also ideal as these will give more width across the toe box. With that in mind, it would be worth noting that pointed toe boxes will feel more narrow so these are best avoided where possible.


Top Sandal Brands for Bunions


Fly London Logo

Fly London

With bold sole units, sleek designs and a variety of colours to choose from, Fly London sandals will make you stand out from the crowd giving you style while also not taking away from comfort.  With rubber soles and leather uppers and stretchy elastic straps, their sandals are ideal for bunion sufferers.  The Fly London Yaji is a stylish chunky heeled sandal made from soft leathers in beautiful orange but also comes in red, silver and black.  There is padding in the footbed to ensure comfort while wearing for a prolonged time.

Fly London Yaji

Fly London Yaji





Made from premium leathers and innovative comfort technologies, ECCO Shoes and Sandals are synonymous with style and substance. Soft leather uppers feature in all of their designs and the sole units are Direct Polyurethane Injected, making these shoes lightweight and comfortable. ECCO Sandals and ECCO Trainers are often sought out by bunion sufferers and are found to be comfy and hard wearing. The Ecco Offroad comes in a wide range of colours and includes 3 Velcro straps perfect to adjust the sandals for your comfort.

ECCO Offroad


Ecco Offroad


Padders Womens Shoes


One of the most popular wide fitting footwear brands in the UK, Padders have a huge range of wide fit shoes that are good for bunions. Using leathers throughout and the extra width in the shoe, Padders sandals and shoes are favoured by many. Many of Padders Shoes are available to purchase in E-6E width fittings. Padders Heatwave is an ideal example of a comfy sandal for bunions with its leather upper which will stretch to provide comfortable fit over time and 2 adjustable Velcro straps.  comfy shoe for bunions, and the smooth leather will gently stretch to provide a comfortable fit over time.


Padders Heatwave


Our Best Sandals for Bunions


Gabor Lanzarote

This comfy sandal has a high coverage on the bunion area and the leather upper is soft and stretchy.





The lining of this leather sandal is soft for feet with bunions and straps are adjustable at 3 separate points.


Rieker Daisback


Rieker’s popular Antistress cushioning within the footbed and the soft lining will keep feet comfy.