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Superfit are true experts in children's shoe making and deploy leading materials and technology, along with clever and quirky European design to produce fantastic shoes, trianers and boots for kids. Our pick of the range is often the Superfit Gore-Tex boot collection, and the soft, light and durable Superfit trainers for girls and boys.

70 styles

Superfit ShoesMore About Superfit

Based in Graz, Austria, Superfit have over 70 years of experience creating children' shoes and over 40 years ago teamed up with leading professional to create the basis for the perfect children's shoes. 

The Superfit construction is intended to be the perfect children's shoe - lightweight, easy fastenings, soft and flexible uppers, breathable waterproof membranes and impeccable craftsmanship. 

Their use of direct injection polyurethane moulded sole units negates the need for glue to secure the soles to the shoes making a stronger bond and allowing the soles to be lighter and more flexible. 

Superfit Boots

Made using Gore-Tex, Superfit boots are perfect for any mini adventurer. The Husky Boot is one of our best sellers, for girls and boys with super sturdy construction and high quality, durable materials. Easy velcro fastenings make these supremely convenient for little hands. 

Superfit GORE-TEX

Superfit use Gore-Tex to ensure their shoes are 100% waterproof. Gore-Tex is a semi-permeable membrane sandwiched between the outer and the lining of a shoe, allowing sweat and moisture to pass out of the shoe but blocking the bigger molecule size of water from getting in. Gore-Tex is guaranteed to keep you dry making it an ideal addition to children's footwear, perfect for splashing in puddles...the bigger the better! 

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