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Ara shoes are known for being high quality and superbly comfortable. Browse our wide range of new Ara styles for the season, including comfy Ara sandals for summer. For an even bigger bargain, look no further than our Ara Shoes Sale where you are certain to find a bargain.

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About ARA

Ara ShoesWhen you think of Ara shoes for women, the key features that immediately stand out are fashion, quality and fit. Ara firmly believe in creating attractive women’s shoes, sandals, and boots which use sustainable and high quality materials, and that are formed to provide an excellent fit. The company has around 4000 employees who strive to ensure that any pair of shoes that are produced at Ara are of the highest quality. The range of women’s shoes available from Ara is vast! With styles from women’s sandals to women’s court shoes, women’s pumps to women’s boots and everything in between.

Ara is a German company, which is still family owned, and have been crafted fashionable women’s shoes of high quality since 1949. Although Ara have been a successful company for some years, they ensure that the styling is kept current through trend spotters in various cities feedback back information on the latest in women’s fashion, as well as their in-house shoe designers. If you are looking for women’s shoes with a striking and attractive design, fantastic fit, and fabulous comfort then Ara women’s shoes are the shoes to try.

The Ara brand also produces a range of shoes under their sub-brand, Jenny Ara. The Jenny Ara range of women’s shoes are similar in style to Ara shoes but are usually available in different colours or materials in comparison to Ara shoes, and Jenny Ara shoes can be a more affordable option. Jenny Ara women’s shoes are still held under the same objectives as Ara shoes – great style, good quality and fantastic fit.

ARA Womens Shoes

Ara are highly successful in producing a wide variety of women’s shoes, from formal and occasion shoes to casual, everyday shoes. As a stockist of Ara women’s shoes over many years we have come to find some firm favourites with our customers, such as Ara Graco 1241859-06 (from the Ara Graz last) and Veronitab 1241781-01 (from the Ara Verona last). Both of these women’s shoes are timeless, elegant and functional with their sleek hi-shine, patent uppers and easy-to-wear heels.  As well as classic styles, Ara also create beautiful shoes that change every season, a perfect example of this would be the wonderful Ara women’s pumps based from the ‘Bari’ range – this seasons multicoloured shoes are stunning! The Ara Sardinia High 31320-01 style is a sleek, low heeled pump with a pretty beading detail.


As well as the main Ara range, we also stock their other range – Jenny Ara shoes. The Jenny Ara stock shows a wide range of styles and bold designs, all at an affordable price. Ara and Jenny Ara shoes both have the same staple qualities of style, comfort and fit – with Ara and Jenny Ara producing individual styles as well as similar styles to each other. We have some superb Jenny Ara shoes in stock this season, our personal favourite is the Portland Lace 60006-01 style – a smart lace up brogue with a sleek black patent effect upper. These Jenny women’s shoes look fabulous with work wear, jeans or casual clothes and they feature a soft, sumptuous cushioned footbed for instant comfort


As part of their superb and varied range of footwear, Ara shoes create attractive sandals to keep you looking and feeling great throughout the summer season. A brand which will never let you down, Ara shoes use simple yet effective styling on their women’s sandals as well as their women’s shoes – the Hawaii Beads 37275-05 style oozes sophisticated and glamorous style while also maintaining Ara’s high standards of comfort and quality. Ara women’s sandal range offers you styles which are extremely versatile and easily wearable, with their low wedged profiles and cushioned footbeds for comfort, and elasticated straps for an easy slip-on design. These summer sandals will take you from beach to bar, holiday to home, wherever you need to go Ara sandals will get you there.


The range of women’s ankle boots from Ara includes casual lacing boots through to formal heeled ankle boots in a variety of designs and colours. For boots that will take you from work to play and keep your feet comfortable throughout, then Ara women’s boos are the ideal choice. The leathers which Ara uses on their women’s ankle boots are soft and supple with a polished finish to give clean lines and a minimal styling. One of the great examples of Ara boots is the Portland Cap 60064-76 style – the perfect choice for work or for formal use.


One of the most common questions or concerns with winter boots is – are they waterproof? Well, there is no need to fear with Ara women’s shoes using the best of the best technology with GORE-TEX membranes used in selected lines. This GORE-TEX lining ensures the shoes or boots is waterproof and also breathable. There are a few favourites from Ara shoes which feature GORE-TEX membranes, for smart and sensible everyday shoes there is Porto Gore 1240954-01 and for your winter boots, it has to be MS Gore 1248523-06 with its cosy, warm linings as well as the GORE-TEX membrane.


Ara shoes do manufacture their women’s shoes usually in UK full and half sizes; however there are some exceptions in the range which are produced in EU sizes. Please use our conversion charts to help find the right size but if you are unsure, feel free to contact us and we will help to find the right size for you.

In addition to the sizes, Ara and Jenny Ara shoes are also made in EU width fittings but the styles in stock are only available in the width fitting specified. Also, as much as it would be easier if all shoes came in the same width fitting system and all ‘G’ and ‘H’ widths fitted as stated, but it does happen quite often that the widths are not quite what they seem. Again, if you are unsure please contact us and we will advise as best we can on the width fittings and general fit of the shoes.

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