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Crocs are the ultimate comfort shoe that can be worn inside as a practical house shoe or for outside activity such as gardening or going to the beach.  With a range that covers clogs and sandals you are sure to find a style to suit your needs.  The simple bold designs come in classic black, navy and brown but also bold colours to brighten up your wardrobe.  Wear them your way whether that’s with trousers, jeans or shorts – Crocs want you to celebrate your comfort.  For all you bargain hunters out there check out our Crocs Sale Shoes to see what we have left over from previous seasons. 

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Crocs mens shoesCROCS Mens Shoes

Crocs have become one of the most iconic shoes of the twenty-first century and are also one of the most successful – since 2002 over 300 million pairs of Classic Crocs have been sold in over 90 countries.  The team behind Crocs have stuck to a simple approach of style, comfort and affordability which have combined to create a winning formula and have made their shoes so widely popular.  The company tag line sums up their approach – “Come as you are” – celebrating the uniqueness of all individuals and their right to express it.  Their latest campaign has shown their popularity with celebrities from all over the world including American actress Drew Barrymore.

What has set Crocs apart from other comfort shoes is the unique Croslite compound that is used to create the footbed.  This compound is formed to provide support but feels soft under the foot, after time it moulds to shape of your foot for a unique fit and greater comfort. 

The original Classic Croc clog has a reputation that you either love it or hate it but is undeniably practical in wet conditions due to its non-slip sole.  The chunky design with cut-out openings and a heel strap is instantly recognisable and adds to the comfort factor by providing ventilation to the foot.  The popularity of this range led to the development of the Crocs @ Work collection as so many of its customers wanted the same great comfort but needed shoes that met the demands and regulations of the working environment, try Crocs 204590-001 Specialist 2 to see for yourself.  

Crocs have branched out into a range of sandals that combine the comfort elements of their classic clogs with simple design so whether you’re after a slide for by the pool such as Crocs 204108-4cc Crocband Slide or a flip-flop style such as Crocs 202635-001 Classic Flip for a post work-out cool down you’ll be covered.  If you’re looking for a walking sandal then Crocs 203965-23k Swiftwater Riv are a great choice with all the benefits you would expect from a Crocs shoe.

Twice a year we have a sale and a selection of shoes and sandals go into our Crocs Men's Shoes Sale, but be quick as there is only a limited quantity and limited sizes available.

Buy your Crocs men’s shoes and sandals from Begg Shoes, an official Crocs stockist.  Visit one of our stores to try them for yourself.

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