It goes without saying that no-one likes smelly feet… There is nothing worse than taking off your shoes and being hit with a foul odour. Smelly feet can occur for numerous reasons. Let us guide you through some tips & advice to help prevent your shoes from stinking and your feet being smelly.

The number one rule when it comes to choosing the right footwear to combat smelly feet is ensuring your shoes are made from porous breathable fibres such as canvas and leather. While you should avoid footwear made with a rubber, plastic or synthetic material. As this will trap in the heat & moisture making your feet sweat even more.


Smelly Shoes

Why Does This Happen?

Before we can help your smelly feet problem, lets take a look at why feet sweat. Stinky feet are a common problem all your round and is medically known as bromodosis. The main cause behind this foot problem is a combination of sweaty feet combined with wearing the same shoes every day.

Anyone can get sweaty feet, regardless of the temperature and time of year although it does seem to be more common in teenagers and pregnant women.  This is due to the hormonal changes occurring making their feet sweat more than usual. We recommend you out our guide on the best shoes for pregnant women if this applies to you.

Other common reasons are if you’re on your feet all day and wear shoes that are too tight, under a lot of stress or have hyperhidrosis. This is a medical condition which means your feet sweat more than usual.

When you wear the same shoes every day the sweat soaks into your shoes and they don’t get a chance to fully dry out before you wear them again resulting in your feet becoming smelly. This could either be bacterial growth in your shoes or simply the inner materials beginning to decompose, or both. When it gets to this point – replacing your shoes is the only permanent cure.

Wash Feet


The good news is there are some things you can do at home to help prevent smelly feet.


We recommend getting in touch with your local pharmacist who can advise you on the right antibacterial soap for you to wash your feet with once a day.

2. DRY

It is really important to thoroughly dry your feet after you’ve washed them or any time they get wet, especially between the toes – many forget when in a hurry.


One of the most important factors is not wearing the same shoes two days in a row so that they have at least 24 hrs to dry out between use. At the very least try to rotate insoles (swop them out) and dry every night. Now you have a good reason to go shoe shopping!


Along with changing your shoes regularly, it stands to reason you should also change your socks at least once a day. Ideally, you should wear wool or cotton socks and avoid synthetic materials, these natural fibres are absorbent and help maintain cooler foot temperatures.

Our List of Best Shoes for Smelly Feet

1. best trainers for smelly feet

A pair of trainers are an essential item for your shoe rack as they can be worn to work for a BBQ with friends or for everyday errands. No matter the occasion you wouldn’t want smelly feet. Check through our selection of Skechers as many of their styles are made with leather uppers which will allow your feet to breathe.


2. best COMFORT Lacing SHOES for sweaty feet

Everyone needs a pair of comfortable casual shoes to run about it on the weekends and/or on holiday. While keeping busy you want to be sure that your footwear has been manufactured using breathable materials such as leather. A pair of Legero shoes is our top choice in this category as the uppers, lining and sock are all made with the highest quality of leather ensuring minimal moisture is trapped in your shoes.


3. Best BOOTS for sweaty feet

When it comes to a good pair of ankle boots that are going to allow your feet to breathe while also keeping moisture out a good pair of GORE-TEX boots should be your number one choice. We can also recommend brands IMAC and Remonte boots which feature their own “TEX” technology and breathable leather uppers. These can help to keep your feet dry while still allowing your feet to breathe, for a little lower budget than Gore-Tex. Within our leather fashion boot ranges, top brands that we recommend for quality construction and breathable materials are Fly London and Regarde le Ciel – check them out winter for fashion essentials.

4. CLOSED TOE SANDALS for smelly feet

The last thing anyone wants is to go to the beach or picnic with friends and be too afraid to take off their sandals in case their feet smell. Closed-toe sandals are a popular style choice for the summer season and we have a fab range of covered toe sandal options. These are great for hiding your toes while still giving you a summery feel and great airflow for cooler feet. Within the collection, we have some highlights in good quality leathers from brands Pikolinos or Toni Pons sandals. We recommend you read our blog on Top Tips for Summer Feet to find out how to get your feet summer season ready!

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5. HEELS for sweaty feet

What could be worse than being afraid to take off your shoes under your desk at work or the dinner table for fear of smelling the place out??? If you struggle with sweaty feet that become smelly then follow our guidelines above. As previously mentioned leather shoes are a must for sweaty feet as they will allow your feet to breathe. We stock a great collection of Leather Heels with Peter Kaiser being our favourite. But if you’re after something a little more casual and trendy, then try a pair of Fly London Wedge Heels. When browsing through our online shop, have a read through our product description and info and be on the lookout for mention of leather uppers and/or leather insole as these are ideal for those who struggle with sweaty feet.

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