Womens Gabor High Heels


Gabor high heels are hugely popular as they are known for being comfortable due to their design and high end materials.  Whether it is a classic black heel, glittering evening shoes or the latest trend, our range of Gabor heels will have something for you. For a great deal have a browse through our Gabor Sale selection.

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Ladies Gabor High Heels

High heels can mean different things to different people.  For some the words conjure up visions of staggeringly high stilettos while for others anything over a couple of inches is called a high heel.  This often leads to a love them or hate them relationship with heels for many women, some finding them effortlessly comfortable while others struggle to walk in them like a baby giraffe taking its first steps.  Gabor is known for producing comfortable shoes and has worked hard to create elegant high heels that are also comfortable to wear with some stunning results. Ladies heels are great for a formal event or if you want to give a casual outfit a bit of oomph.

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