Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Comfortable Wedding Shoes
Comfortable Wedding Shoes

With wedding season fast approach, that age old question soon comes to the forefront of everyone’s mind – “what should I wear?”

Here at Begg Shoes, we are here to offer the best comfortable wedding shoes and matching bags for your special occasion. We’ll look at the latest trends for wedding outfits, as well as shoes and bags to match. No matter your outfit, there will be the perfect shoe and bag to match.

Fuchsia Floral Lotus Akiko Shoes & Bag

Go bold and bright with fuchsia and pink tones.

With styles ranging from low heels, high heels, peep toe heels, court shoes and more, there is style to suit everyone and every budget. Whether you prefer a hot pink or a soft nude, Begg Shoes has a huge collection of pink heels.

Brands such as Lotus, Marco Tozzi, Peter Kaiser and Ruby Shoo bring us the best pink heels to wear to your special occasion, and with matching bags galore, there’s no easier way to finishing your wedding outfit than with a pair of pink comfortable wedding shoes from Begg Shoes.

Navy Love

A classic colour theme for weddings is navy and ivory. This sophisticated colour combination can be worn any time of year, and is perfect for mixing and matching your accessories.

Navy is a great alternative to black, yet still retains the dark tone. We are seeing navy suede heels, navy patent heels, embellished navy shoes, navy pumps and more. Our selection of navy heels ranges from high heels to low heels, from navy wedges to navy pumps.

Brands such as Lotus, Marco Tozzi, Peter Kaiser and Gabor bring us the best navy heels to wear to your special occasion. With matching bags galore, it is easy to find comfortable wedding shoes and bags at Begg Shoes.

Silver SparkleMarco Tozzi Silver Shoes

Silver and Metallic can be worn in both the summer and winter seasons. Matching with almost every colour, silver comfortable wedding shoes and bag are a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe.

This year we have a wide selection of silver heels, including silver heeled sandals, silver wedges, silver court shoes and more. A great choice for both casual and occasion wardrobes is a silver pump, which can add a touch of glamour to your casual wardrobe as well as a comfy shoe for your occasion outfits.

Lotus, Marco Tozzi, Menbur and Tamaris bring us some of the most sparkly silver heels to wear to your special occasion, and with matching bags galore, you can effortlessly finish your whole outfit with Begg Shoes.


Flat Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Flat shoes are the ultimate comfortable wedding shoes. Many women like to have pumps for the evening of a wedding or special occasion, whether it’s to give sore feet a rest or to let loose on the dance floor.

Here at Begg Shoes, we have lots of pretty and dressy flat shoes that you can change into or wear with a full occasion outfit. Colours range from soft pink to glitzy metallic, sophisticated navy to classic black, so there is a shoe for every outfit.



Wedding Shoes should form an important part of your very special day. Whether it’s your own bridal shoes or ensuring your bridesmaids standing beside you complete the look and not to forget mum and the flower girls. At Begg Shoes we have a fantastic collection of wedding shoes for the whole bridal party including the groom & groomsmen. Over the next several weeks we are going to make it easier, we’ll break it down into the bridal party categories, so keep visiting our blog to see the next instalment on our wedding shoes.



It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of… Your Wedding Day! There is so much to think about and so much planning to do!  We hope at Begg Shoes we can take a little of that stress off your hands!  When buying your bridal shoes there are two ways to go about shopping:

Shop with your Head

Shopping with your head probably means you like to shop practically. You budget carefully, weigh up the various options and choose the right solution even when sometimes your heart may tug you in another direction. So perhaps you’re wondering how on earth you would shop practically for a pair of wedding shoes. Well simply put, if you purchase a pair of comfy wedding shoes that you know you’ll wear many times thereafter and not just the one use. Well, that’s shopping practically. Myself personally love pink and so on my wedding day I wore a pair of pink glitzy heeled sandals. I wore them until the diamante fell off to all sorts of occasions for years after.

Shop with your Heart

If you’re more of a dreamer and tend to follow your heart a lot more than your head then your options are unlimited. You know that when you spot the shoes that will perfectly go with your dress and finish off your bridal look, then nothing is getting in your way of owning that pair of shoes!

What is Your Style of Wedding Shoes?

Regardless of which way you’re shopping you still need to factor in a few things before deciding what to get for your wedding day, such as:

LOCATION:  Are you getting married on the grass, on the beach or indoors? I once attended a wedding which was on a deck that had a fairly big gap between the planks which meant all of us ladies in stiletto’s had a problem. But luckily the bride had thought ahead and there was a basket of flip flops in various colour matching her theme at the door…. As everyone was in flip flops we danced the night away!

SEASON: Will it be hot and warm or cold and snowy?

COLOUR: Is your dress pure white or more ivory and gold? Or perhaps you’re going with a splash of colour which would be great to accent with your shoes.

HEIGHT: Do you need extra height standing up next to your partner or do you prefer flats or perhaps something in between?