Shoes to Wear on HolidaySummer is right around the corner and your long-awaited holiday suddenly feels so much closer. You’ve got your passport and the travel guides ready, but the biggest question of all still remains – what shoes to wear on holiday? We’re here to make your summer shoe shopping a breeze, as we have picked a few of our favourite styles from the summer collection. Whether you are going on a beach holiday, a city break or a staycation – we’ve got you covered!

Best Shoes For a Beach Holiday


Shopping for beach holiday shoes should be easy, right? Well, I find it hard as I want to fill my suitcase with every type of summer shoe from heeled sandals for nights out to walking sandals for all the exploring and then, of course, comfy flat sandals for lazy days.

If we are being sensible and opting for one pair of sandals then the top choice has to be Rieker women’s sandals. Rieker sandals are super comfy with Antistress cushioning underfoot but they are stylish and look great with any summer outfit.

Some may prefer to keep their toes hidden and women’s closed-toe sandals are a great way of having a summer style without showing your toes.

Birkenstock Arizona, £79.99

Birkenstock Arizona Ladies Tan Leather Beach Holiday Sandals


Remonte D2068-90 Marisli, £59.99

Remonte D2068-90 Marisli Yellow Slide Sandals for Beach Holidays

Tamaris Toffy, £44.99

Tamaris Toffy Khaki Leather Slide Sandals for your Beach Holiday

The Best Shoe for a City Break


City Break Shoes for City Holidays

Ok, so I know not everyone is a fan of beach holidays. All the sand, everyone just lazing about by the beach or the pool, seawater ruining your hair (I’m running out of cons for a beach holiday…) Another popular choice is the city break. There are budget airlines that take you to places like Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, to name just a few popular places.

But, what holiday shoes are you going to pack for a city break? Well, you know there is going to be lots of walking involved, whichever place you choose to go to, there are miles and miles of streets and attractions to explore. So, we need to find shoes which are extremely comfortable, for all sorts of uses and that will look good with various outfits… challenge accepted!

For something such as a city break, I don’t think you need to look any further than a pair of Skechers women’s shoes, in particular the Skechers Go Walk 6 range with their spongy, bouncy cushioned footbeds. The Skechers Go Walk 6’s are also incredibly lightweight so won’t push your baggage allowance over too much!

Skechers Up Lifted, £64

Skechers Up Lifted Navy Comfort Slip on Shoes for City Holiday

Legero Lima Zip, £95

Legero Lima Zip Rose Pink Women's Trainers for City Holiday

Rieker Boccos, £52

Rieker 587b0-62 Boccos Rose Pink Slip on Shoes for Holiday

The best Staycation Holiday shoes


Staycation Holiday Shoes

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that you must venture abroad. There are lots of stunning locations here in the UK to visit and we always recommend our home town, Inverness, as a great place to start.

What kind of shoes or sandals should you buy for a staycation? The freedom of a holidays means you are free to meander the streets of a local village, take in some historic sites or if you’re really brave you can head down to the beach. The weather in the UK has got to be a major consideration and footwear for all weather and all activities is what we recommend.

Remonte Ranger 2, £69.99

Remonte Ranger 2 Yellow Patent Trainers for Holiday Wear

Ecco mx womens, £90

Ecco Mx Womens Grey Orange Trainers

Tamaris Grandslam, £79.99

Tamaris Grandslam White Gold Womens Trainers

the best Walking Holiday SHOES


Walking Holiday Shoes

I’m going to cheat a little bit here as there are two options for walking holiday shoes. Walking trainers or walking sandals are the best depending on what kind of walking you plan to do. If you are planning to hike in the UK, then you would definitely need a pair of walking shoes.

Or if you plan to do a summer walking holiday abroad, then some Womens Walking Sandals would be a better choice.

ECCO Offroad Lady 2, £95

Ecco Offroad Lady 2 Womens Walking Holiday Sandals

On Running CLoud tex, £135

On Running Cloud Tex Rose Pink Trainers for Walking Holiday

Skechers Arch Fit GO Walk Sandals, £67

Skechers Arch Fit Go Walk Sandal Womens Walking Holiday Sandals

If you need to get your feet summer-ready, then read our top tips for summer feet blog which was written for us by professional podiatrist Kirsten Sinclair of Orkney Podiatry, with some great advice on how to look after your feet.