Keep your feet dry with GORE-TEX Shoes & more…

It seems the weather is rather temperamental this spring. One week we have snow, the next beautiful sunshine and back to wet weather with rainy days. Well at least with Begg Shoes you don’t need to worry about your feet, we have a great variety of shoe brands offering waterproof solutions such as GORE-TEX shoes and even shoe care products which can help make your ‘normal’ shoes water resistant.


First waterproof technology that needs a mention is of course GORE-TEX®.

GORE-TEX shoes

When it’s warm outside or during office hours inside, GORE-TEX® footwear with SURROUND™ Product Technology provides optimum climate comfort in stylish designs. GORE-TEX® footwear with SURROUND™ Product Technology not only keeps your feet dry all around, it also allows them to stay nice and cool. The innovative sole structure on these shoes blends prominent functionality with contemporary design.

The brands that we stock that use GORE-TEX techonologies are: Ara Shoes, CAT Footwear, Clarks Shoes, ECCO Shoes, Timberland Shoes, Superfit & Legero Shoes. These brands offer a variety of styles in mens shoes, womens shoes and kids shoes for all occasions.

Other Waterproof Options

Some of our brands offer waterproof shoes such as Hi-TEC Shoes and IMAC Shoes.


Hi-TEC use a technology called DRI-TEC to waterproof their shoes and make them breathable. The Dri-Tec membrane gives you superior waterproofing and excellent vapour transmission to maximise your performance in even the wettest of environments. Millions of microscopic pores in the Dri-Tec membrane allow water vapour to escape without allowing water droplets in, keeping feet dry and comfortable. For more on Hi-TEC’s waterproof technology have a watch:


iMAC-TEXIMAC shoes have developed their own waterproofing technology by sticking to the internal lining, a patented technique allows them to sew a special water-protective and transpiring membrane. This then allows the feet to breathe, preventing moisture from entering the shoe and guarantees an ideal microclimate inside the shoes, thus keeping the foot always dry.