Shoes to keep your feet dry...

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GORE-TEX is renowned for its innovative and durable waterproofness guaranteed to keep your feet dry.

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The GORE-TEX technology allows moisture to escape the shoe providing breathability and comfort throughout any season.

Being in Scotland, the weather can be rather temperamental.  One week we have snow, the next beautiful sunshine and back to wet weather with rainy days. We can see why visitors say we have four seasons in one day! Well at least with Begg Shoes you don’t need to worry about your feet, we have a great variety of shoe brands offering waterproof solutions such as GORE-TEX shoes and even shoe care products which can help make your ‘normal’ shoes water-resistant.

The first waterproof technology that needs a mention is, of course, GORE-TEX®. We do love GORE-TEX and its amazing technology which we will go into below, however, if you are looking for another option then why not check out our pick of 10 of the best waterproof boots and shoes.

GORE-TEX footwear with extended comfort not only provide waterproofness but also breathability during times of low and high activity allowing sweat vapour to escape the shoe easily while simultaneously not allowing any water to get in – smart, huh? Whether you’re sat at a desk, running errands or working outside, the GORE-TEX® footwear with the extended comfort option creates heat release and comfort even if you’re moving from indoors to outdoors to ensure that your feet are as sweat free and fresh as possible.

The brands that we stock using GORE-TEX technologies are: Ara Shoes, Clarks Shoes, ECCO Shoes, Superfit, Primigi & Legero Shoes. These brands offer a variety of styles in mens shoes, womens shoes and kids shoes for all occasions.

Other Waterproof Options

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German family-run business, Ara Shoes use the GORE-TEX technology in both their shoes and boots alike which perfectly alines to their motto of ‘We love fashion & function’.  They aim to make their shoes modern yet timeless while also functional for everyday wear which is why we see them use GORE-TEX in everything from ankle boots to walking boots and slip-on on shoes.

Clarks school shoes


Popular brand Clarks who started making shoes in 1825 apply the GORE-TEX technology to their women’s, men’s and kids’ shoes. Not only do they apply this to their everyday shoes and boots but to their sports boots too so that whether you’re walking, hiking or running you’ll always have protection from the elements.

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Danish shoe brand Ecco has been making shoes since 1963 and apply the GORE-TEX technology to both their women’s and men’s shoes. While they strive to get uniqueness, technology such as GORE-TEX brings a functional aspect to their shoes. From casual to outdoors shoes and even golf shoes, Ecco has you covered. Om our website you’ll find Ecco GORE-TEX in styles from trainers to walking shoes and boots to walking boots.

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Austrian shoe brand Legero aims to make shoes to match their tagline “my feet’s favorite shoe”.  They make waterproof shoes with the GORE-TEX technology to suit any season, from waterproof trainers for spring and summer to waterproof boots for autumn and winter. They use GORE-TEX Surround which allows the shoes to be completely breathable, even throughout the shoe unit. Not only do they use leather but even their suede shoes and boots contain GORE-TEX so you don’t have to compromise on style even in extreme weather.

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Austrian children’s shoe brand Superfit has over 70 years of experience making comfortable, flexible and breathable shoes perfect for little feet. They even teamed up with leading pediatricians to ensure that their shoes were the best they could be. The GORE-TEX technology is perfect for those little feet whether they be running around the playground, jumping in puddles or off on a weekend adventure.

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Primigi has been creating children’s shoes since 1976. Famed for their Italian style alongside their technological advancements and material makes them a great choice. They also use GORE-TEX’s semi-permeable membrane allowing those little feet to stay protected while also breathing. From black leather to pink suede, they’re bound to have something for your little one.