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Toe To Toe - Shoe Donation


Begg Shoes is delighted to be partnering with Sal’s Shoes to support their cause and would like to encourage all our customers to dig through the cupboards and bring in those shoes the kids have outgrown. We’re sure due to lockdown there may be many pairs that are barely worn and don’t fit anymore. Now you can help those in need.

How It Works

  • Drop Off Outgrown but not Outworn Kids Shoes to Begg Shoes collection points (listed below).
  • Requested donation of £1 per pair to charity Sal’s Shoes
  • Rubber banded in pairs including laces
  • Write a message to the new owner of your shoes – download & print the template here.
  • Child Appropriate footwear – including men’s shoes and practical women’s footwear (no high heels)
  • Sal’s Shoes prepare and ship out to countries worldwide where children benefit from high quality, used footwear, absolutely free

Kids Shoes Donation

Who are Sal’s Shoes

Sal’s Shoes has distributed over 1,500,000 pairs of children’s shoes to 46 countries around the world including the UK. Their initial vision was to collect and distribute pre-loved shoes to children and it’s great to see their dream come true and continue to grow year on year in strength.

Those of us with kids will agree that they seem to grow out of their shoes pretty quickly, sometimes without even having worn them all that much. Now with Sal’s Shoes, there is a fantastic charity who can take those outgrown but not outworn shoes. Many shoes can be quite relatively difficult to recycle because there are many different components that they’re made of so it’s best to find them a new pair of feet.

In many less fortunate countries around the world, schooling is free but uniform mandatory which means if the child’s family are not able to afford shoes they cannot attend school. In the UK, many children start the new school year with a shiny new pair of school shoes. With their previous years’ school shoes not yet outworn they can now be donated to Sal’s Shoes who will find them a new home and make a child very happy. Begg Shoes is delighted to be partnering with this charity. Visit their website to find out more about the good work that Sal’s Shoes do.

Begg Shoes Collection POints for sal’s shoes

Begg Shoes Supports Sal's Shoes