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Footwear Retailer of the Month – August 2017

Footwear Retailer of the Month August 2017 I started selling shoes in our shops at 12 years old!  Following University I furthered my education and became a chartered accountant.  After having enough of accountancy, I worked in corporate finance for an investment bank.  After doing that I felt I’d [...]

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Fallen Arches

Fallen Arches Do I have a Low, High or Normal Arch? Ok, quick-fire question round, a pop-quiz if you will! Are the following statements True or False? If I had a pound for every time somebody told me how much they hated their feet, I would be a [...]

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Why Is There Never Shoes In My Size?

Shoe Shopping NEVER HAVE YOUR SIZE? Why Is There Never Shoes In My Size? Our Inverness Shoe Shop Manager Nikki Munro explains why... Dive into the realm of shoe shopping & how it works... Have you ever walked into a shoe shop, asked the sales advisor for a certain [...]

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Super Sandals for Summer

Super Sandals for Summer A guide to your Summer Sandals Super sandals for summer holidays blog is finally here! Although we know its rather annoying that one day you may be in a skirt with bare legs and open toe shoes and the next your in your winter coat and boots with [...]

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New Flagship Shoe Store & Website

Begg Shoes Strides Ahead With Flagship Store & Website Begg Shoes has opened a brand new flagship store on Inverness High Street. The new store is number nine for the family run business and showcases an experimental range of styling, technology and interior design while retaining the high-quality ethos of other Begg stores, showcasing leading [...]

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Q&A with Donald Begg

Q&A with Donald Begg Begg Shoes was recently featured in the Inverness Courier. If you're not on Facebook or didn't get the paper that day you can have a read here... Q. Tell me about your business and why people should choose you. Headquartered in Inverness, Begg Shoes has become a leading independent footwear and [...]

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