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Clarks first shoes and pre-walkers are designed for the first stages of your children taking their first steps. It’s important to remember that children’s feet are not just miniature versions of an adult’s feet and have different needs.  Once your baby can sit up unaided it won’t be long until they are crawling round, whether that’s on all fours or scooting on their bottom or wiggling sideways on their tummy.  That’s a great time to start thinking about pre-walkers as they can provide grip for the next stage which is known as cruising – taking their first steps while using anything that’s handy as a support be it the sofa, coffee table or you. Once your toddler is walking about independently then it’s time to ensure they have proper support with first shoes.  Little feet grow fast so check out our Clarks Girls first shoes & pre-walkers sale to find some fabulous bargains.

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