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Fly London sandals stand out from the crowd with their bold sole units, sleek designs and crisp colours.  Wonderfully comfortable rubber soles combine with leather uppers for a stylish look that doesn’t compromise on comfort.  If you like Fly London sandals then check out our range of Fly London Boots and Shoes.  At the end of the summer season we have a sale and a selection of sandals goes into our Womens Fly London Sandals Sale, take a browse to see what we have in your size.

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Women's Fly London Sandals

Fly London is a brand that was created in the UK in 1994 and is owned by Fortunato O. Frederico & Ca Lda, a Portuguese company.  This hugely successful company owns five factories and the multi-brand Foreva network with more than 80 stores and over 600 employees.  Fly London is the eighth best-selling shoe brand in the world, according to Portuguese News Magazine, and is recognised by 80% of women.  You might be familiar with the style even if you don’t know the brand name as Fly London have a very distinctive style with chunky rubber soles and bold leather uppers.  The brand tagline “Don’t walk, fly!” comes from the passionate belief of the founder to go out and be bold, try new things and take on the world.  This is exactly what Fly London shoes are; bold, uncompromising and with s unique style of their own.

Great care is taken to acquire the highest quality leathers to make Fly London sandals.  There are four different types of finishes used that each gives a different dimension to the design. “Rug” is a classic heavy gauge greased/waxed leather.  “Mousse” is a grained softer finish leather.  “Oil suede” is the term for suede products that have been treated with a finishing oil for an updated look.  “Damani” is a patent leather finish that has been treated to give a vintage, worn vibe. 

Begg Shoes stock Fly London sandals with both high wedge and low wedge heels to cater for a variety of tastes.  The ever-popular Fly London Tram sandal is brought out each summer in new colours reflecting the latest fashion trends.  And it’s not just bright colours, neutrals can be just as striking such as off-white Fly London P500836 Yamp 836 with a clean silhouette that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

Fly London Sandals Sale

We have a sale at the end of the summer season and some sandals go into our Women's Fly London Sandals Sale.  There are only limited styles and sizes available so have a look and see what we have available in your size to get these fabulous sandals at a bargain price.

Fly London sandals are available to try on in our Inverness Shoe Shop as well as in Elgin, Kirkwall, Inverurie and Lerwick or buy online with free delivery for orders over £30.

Buy your Fly London women's’ sandals from Begg Shoes, an official Fly London stockist.

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