Summer Shoes or Sandals

What to Wear this Summer

Hold. The. Phone. Is that the sun I see? Out in Scotland?! Summer has arrived finally – we will probably all be a lovely shade of lobster-red very soon…
If you haven’t got your sandals yet – what are you waiting for? Knowing our luck, the sun will not be out very much so we have to make the most of it when we can! Or, if you haven’t thought about what you need for your summer holiday yet, why not? You better be fast if you need sandals or Summer shoes as stock is selling out very fast. We have compiled a list of our top choices for sandals or summer shoes to help, read on and shop online to your heart’s content…

type of holiday
Beach sandals


Beach Holiday

Shoe shopping for a beach holiday should be easy, right? Well, I find it hard as I want to fill my suitcase (or hand luggage if you’re using a certain budget airline…) with every type of summer shoe from heeled sandals for nights out to walking sandals and canvas shoes for all the exploring and then of course, comfy flat sandals for lazy days. What about colour! Do you buy neutral colours so they will go with any outfit or do you go bold because its summer, and let’s face it, we don’t get to wear bright, summery colours very much! So many things to consider.
If we are being sensible, and opting for one pair of sandals then the top choice for a beach holiday has to be Rieker sandals. Rieker women’s sandals are super comfy with the Rieker Antistress cushioning underfoot but they are stylish and look great with any summer outfit. They really are one of those wardrobe staple pieces that you should always have because you will use them every holiday for any occasion whether you are heading to the beach or out for a few cocktails on holiday. A particular favourite of ours this season has to be the Reginelda style, with it’s metallic beadwork and neutral colour this sandal will take you places, great places… like beaches… and cocktail bars.

Rieker Sandals
shoes for a city break


City Break

Ok, so I know not everyone is a fan of beach holidays. All the sand, everyone just lazing about by the beach or the pool, seawater ruining your hair (I’m running out of cons for a beach holiday…). Another popular choice is the city break. There are budget airlines that take you to places like Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, to name just a few popular places. But, what shoes are you going to pack for a city break? Well, you know there is going to be lots of walking involved, whichever place you choose to go to, there are miles and miles of streets and attractions to explore.
So, we need to find shoes which are extremely comfortable, for all sorts of uses and that will look good with various outfits… challenge accepted! For something such as a city break, I don’t think you need to look any further than a pair of Skechers, in particular the Skechers Go Walk 4 range with their spongy, bouncy cushioned footbeds. The Skechers Go Walk 4 women’s shoes are also incredibly lightweight so won’t push your baggage allowance over too much! Available in lots of different colours such as taupe, pink, purple, navy blue, grey, and our favourite – the turquoise.

Go Walk 4
staycation shoes



Just because it is holiday season, doesn’t mean that you must venture abroad. There are lots of stunning locations here in the UK to visit – not that we are biased but Inverness is a great place to start with, then on to Elgin, or Kirkwall? (You can get your shoe fix at these locations too.) What kind of shoes or sandals should you buy for a staycation? Well, it depends on what you plan on doing! Staycation holidays often involve lots of exploring and roaming around parts of our own country or town and doing those things that you don’t normally get to enjoy. The freedom of no time constraints during holidays mean you are free to meander the streets of a local village, relax on a sandy beach nearby, saunter around local tourist attractions – be a culture vulture!  The perfect companion to make sure that you feel comfortable and look cool, has to be these stunning Skechers shoes with their tropical leaf print. Featuring memory foam footbeds for maximum comfort and then decorated with the super cool tropical design, these are a must-have!

walking shoes


Walking Holiday

I’m going to cheat a little bit here as there are two options for walking holidays – walking trainers or walking sandals, depending on where/what kind of walking you plan to do. If you are planning lots of hikes and hillwalking in the UK for example which is very popular here up north, then you would definitely need a pair of walking shoes or boots from Ecco. These walking shoes have fantastic support and feature Gore-Tex linings so are completely waterproof and breathable – the perfect choice for heavy duty hillwalking. Or, if you plan to do a summer walking holiday abroad, in Spain for example, then maybe some rugged walking sandals would be a better choice for the warmer climate. We have a brilliant pair of Ecco ‘Offroad’ sandals and a pair of Italian IMAC walking sandals called ‘Lake’ – either, or both of these options would be a great choice of summer shoes and will keep you comfortable for lots of walking.

Ecco Sandals
This article was written by our Inverness Shoe Shop manager Nikki Munro.