What Are Rieker Shoes?

What are Rieker Shoes

Here at Begg Shoes we have the biggest selection of Rieker Shoes for women in the whole country, loved for their comfort, style and great value for money.

Featuring many different shoe technologies, these shoes are designed to give you maxium comfort, support and style. For example, Rieker Antistress shoes are flexible, allowing your feet to move without restriction. Antistress technology is lightweight and shock absorbent to help protect your feet and joints from repetitive impact.

In this guide, we aim to help you find the best boots for your feet shape. Take a look at our blog post on how do Rieker shoes fit to find our Rieker size guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Rieker shoes made?

Rieker shoes are made in their own production units in Eastern Europe, Vietnam and North Africa. The headquarters are based in Switzerland, whilst the company itself was founded in 1874 in the Black Forest area of Germany.

Are Rieker shoes leather?

Not all their shoes are leather. Some Rieker shoes are made with high quality man made materials which still offer superb comfort combined with excellent value for money. Rieker leather shoes are sought out for their breathable and malleable uppers, offering lasting comfort from the very first moment. Our product descriptions should state if the shoes have a leather upper, and if you are unsure, please get in touch so that we can find out for you.

What are Rieker Antistress shoes?

As well as looking great, Rieker shoes are designed to offer superior comfort and support with every step. This is where Antistress technology steps in, offering walking relief and reducing foot fatigue over time. Anti-shock features provide impact cushioning properties whilst the luxuriously padded footbeds and anatomically shaped insoles offer essential support.

Rieker Antistress shoes are lightweight and provide maximum reflexibility. Their shoes allow additional room for feet to expand and move throughout the day. All Rieker shoes are made with Antistress technology.

The combination of exceptional comfort, stylish designs and excellent value for money make Rieker our most sought after footwear brand.

Rieker product shoes features

Are Rieker Shoes good for bunions?

Rieker shoes feature key designs that would be suitable for those who suffer from bunions. Look for leather uppers that will stretch and avoid details over the bunion area to minimise discomfort. For more advice and information, take a look at our Best Shoes for Bunions blog post.

Are Rieker shoes wide fitting?

Rieker shoes are typically made with a standard width fitting, which is a UK D fit or EU F fit. There are some styles which are wide fitting so have a browse of our Wide Fit Shoes to find your favourite.

How do Rieker Shoes fit?

One of the most important questions we hear on a regular basis is “how do Rieker shoes fit?”. Popular all over the UK, Europe, America and further afield, we have written extensively on the subject of size guide and conversion. Our blog post How Do Rieker Shoes Fit goes into greater detail about Rieker size guides.

The Best of the Lasts

Shoe Last

With over 350 Rieker Shoes online, Begg Shoes know a thing or two about our customer’s favourite brand. Over the years we have found the shoe shapes (lasts) which are the most loved and in this guide we aim to discuss the lasts fit.

So what is a last?

Simply put, a last is the shape of the shoe. Shoes are built upon lasts, these are structures which resemble the shape of a foot. The upper of the shoe was constructed around the last and the sole unit was fixed to the underneath of the shoe. This means that shoes with the same last offer the same fit. Although the uppers may look different, the fit of the shoe will be the same. This is great news if you have found a shoe which is super comfortable.

We at Begg Shoes have named our shoes after the last which they were made on. Many of our ladies shoes sound the same, but have very different uppers so you can still have comfortable shoes for every occasion.

The Celia Last

Celia 62 £55


Celiapa £59.99


Celiavel £59.99


The Bocci / Bocco Last

Boccilaps £59.99


Boccicro £55


Boccilack £52


The Dor Last

Dorbocamo £65


Dorboso £57


Dorbocap £59.99



Society of Shoe Fitters LogoOur size conversion guide is a guide only, as we know that fit can vary from brand to brand. We are supported by The Society of Shoe Fitters, and a number of our core staff have completed expert training by the Society of Shoe Fitters. For more information on our Autumn Winter Boots range, have a read of our Boots Buyers Guide to find out the latest trends on offer.