Shoe Shopping: Why are there no Shoes In My Size?

Shoe Shopping

Our Inverness Shoe Shop Manager Nikki Munro explains why…

Have you ever gone shoe shopping, asked the sales advisor for a certain size, and then felt there wasn’t much of a selection? Well, hopefully, you haven’t come across this much in our shoe shops but please read on for more information…

Customer Service really helps with Shoes

Our team of helpful employees are here to help you find shoes to suit your needs. We like speaking to people and we love conquering the challenge of finding just the right pair of shoes for you.

But, sometimes we may not have the exact style or colour in the exact size that you are looking for. This is not on purpose – we want all our customers to leave the store satisfied! There are some reasons why we cannot avoid this sometimes. If we are missing the item in our own store, we do offer an in-store order service through our website. We have set up our website specifically to ensure it is easy to use between our customers and our stores.

Why Is My Size Missing?

The main factor is that sometimes we are between seasons. Therefore, we are relying on the stock that was available from the suppliers at the time of our last arrivals. So if you want to get the best selection of stock for spring styles, then the best time for shoe shopping would be mid-March to May. For autumn and winter products, the best selection available would be mid-August through to October.

Another important aspect is the buying season in the footwear trade. Our buyers are required to have the order away to our suppliers 4-6 months in advance of the future season. For example, in July and August, our buyers are browsing and selecting the spring ranges.

shoe shops

• How do you know what to buy?
• How do you know what sizes to buy?
• Are these shoes coming up a big fit or small fit?
• What colour are our customers going to buy?
• How much can we spend?
• How many pairs of shoes do we need to have in stock in total?

There are lots more other aspects to consider when buyers are trying to purchase the next seasons stock! The future of the company hinges on the success of each season – if our buyers overbuy, then we have too much stock and struggle to run our stores efficiently. Yet, if we under buy then there may not be enough stock to last the season which can lead to unsatisfied customers which we don’t want! So, it is a very fine balance trying to buy the right type and amount of stock.

When buying stock for the season ahead, we can be restricted by suppliers in the size ranges we can buy. Some systems are set up so that we can only buy specific packs in 6, 9 or 12 pairs – with only the 12-pair pack offering a size 3 or size 8 possibly, which in turn means unfortunately we cannot afford to buy every single style in a 12-pair pack. This can be why your local store may not have every style we stock in every size. What we do try to do though, is between our shops we try to buy a few different packs so that between the shops, there will be every size we can buy offered. It just may not be in your local store, but we can order it in for you.

Now, you may be thinking ‘why don’t they just buy more of every size?’- Am I right? Well, we can only order what we can get a hold of from our suppliers, if they don’t have any certain sizes then we cannot get them from that company so we will try to get more of something else from another supplier, and we will try another supplier, and another until we have exhausted all options. All of the managers recognize what each store requires, for some shops, ladies size 7 or 8s are very popular so some these shops will hold a higher volume in these sizes. For other shops, there is more call for size 3’s and 4’s so these stores will have a higher volume of stock available in these sizes.

(Trust me when I say, if any store is low on any stock, we badger Mr Begg until we get more!)


What is My Shoe Size?

UK to EU Size Guide


A very important factor is also, what is your size? A huge part of our staff training here at Begg Shoes is trying on every style and brand so that we know how all the shoes fit and in turn we can then pass on our knowledge and findings to our customers. There are some shoes that we know are a big fit and most customers will drop down at least a half size, if not a whole size, for the shoes to fit. So, don’t be alarmed if the shoe has a different number on the sole than you would normally buy – if it fit, it fits, ignore the number! Pretty much what I do when clothes shopping is ignore the size on the label and buy what fits you and is comfortable.

This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the shoe, it just means the last (foot shape that the shoe is based on) is a more generous fit, or a small fit depending on the make. If we don’t have the shoes you are looking for in your perceived size, try on what we have instead you might be surprised! Many of our customers leave the store happy with what they have bought, and it isn’t usually the shoes drew them into the store, its usually another pair we have taken from the stockroom.