Leather Shoes and Boots

Leather shoes

If you’ve never worn a pair of leather shoes for work, then you’re missing out. If you have an active job or need a pair of shoes that will give your feet a bit of extra comfort and protection, then these are the best shoes to buy.

Although the price is usually higher because of the natural material, there are many benefits to buying a pair of leather shoes. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of wearing leather shoes as well as shoe care advice on looking after your shoes.

Why Buy Leather Shoes?

The Benefits of Leather Shoes

  • Real leather breathes more than shoes with man-made uppers.
  • They are more durable which makes them an excellent investment.
  • Leather uppers are much softer than man-made uppers.
  • If the leather is treated or waxed then it will be resistant against water and other liquids.
  • As well as being a naturally strong material, leather is also very comfortable.
  • Leather uppers will mould to the shape of your foot giving you a better fit.
  • Compared to other fabrics that can be difficult to clean, leather is easy to wash down with a damp cloth.
  • Clothes made from synthetic fibres and fabrics have been considered as damaging to the environment during the manufacturing process as they release harmful gases.  As leather is a natural material, no harmful chemicals were used to create it – making it eco-friendly!

Types of Leather


Smooth Leather is a material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process.

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Patent leather is made with a glossy varnished surface, used mainly for shoes and handbags.

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Nubuck is a top cow leather which has been sanded or buffed on the outside giving it a velvet-like surface.

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Suede is made from the underside of the lamb skin although other animals are also used.

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How To Care For Leather Shoes

Many customers may be hesitate to purchase a pair of good quality leather shoes in nubuck or suede. This can be due to the myth that it will not look good for long compared to smooth uppers which you can polish. If you visit any of our shoe shops all our sales staff  would normally recommend using a protector spray before your first wear. This is to try and protect the uppers from water damage, dirt or stains.

A soft brush such as our 4 sided suede brush that can be used on all types of leather. You can also get a nubuck block, which is good for trying to get marks/stains out of nubuck. Visit us in store to purchase your shoe care products.