Is your child ready to learn to tie their shoe laces? Then watch this short tutorial clip that Mr Begg has put together to show you how to teach your child to fasten their laces. Having your kids able to tie their own laces teaches them a valuable life skill as well as improving their manual dexterity. Once your children can tie their own shoe laces they are then able to choose any shoes that they want which opens up a new world of footwear. Shoe laces also gives your child a better fitting shoe and it’s allows you to adjust the shoes specifically to their feet.

So watch this tutorial and spend the summer holidays teaching your kids how to tie their shoe laces and that way by the time they start the new school year they have learnt a new skill. A good idea would be to incentivise your kids with the school shoes of their choice once they have learned how to successfully tie their shoe laces on their own.