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Anatomic Shoes is a fairly new brand at Begg Shoes. They don't just make shoes... By producing comfortable shoes that fit them well and give them the freedom they want, their shoes make people feel more sociable. They specialize in high quality handmade men's shoes for any occasion. Their shoes although make use of the latest Brazilian technology they have been designed and refined by the best British style bringing you the finest Men's Shoes money can buy. They have a collection of both casual and formal men's shoes in a selection of colours and styles. From brogues, lace ups, Chelsea boots and more. 


Comfortable Shoes

Anatomic shoes have become well known for their comfort. They don't just make shoes, they are experts in comfort. Their shoes have been carefully engineered in every small detail to give you the perfect fit. Their softness and flexibility is not only unbelievably comfortable but extremely well-made with only the best natural materials.

The comfort of their shoes all starts with the last which is what a shoemaker uses to give the shoes their shape and fit. These have been designed to the mm to you the perfect fit for every single size and fitting of each pair of Anatomic boots and shoes.

As mentioned before Anatomic shoes are made with only the softest genuine leathers both inside and outside and sometimes even on the soles. This enables the shoes to breathe and flex with your foot which is the reason why you don't have to "break their shoes in".

Anatomic boots and shoes are fully lined with soft sheepskin (not the furry kind though). This natural leather helps to keep your feet fresh as it allows them to breathe. This keeps them cool in the summer but warm in the winter. They're also made sure that all of their seams are hidden which means there will be no rubbing against your skin. So if you're the kind of man who likes to wear shoes without socks, then you'll love wearing Anatomics.

Anatomic Gel Technology has been used in the soles of their shoes. There isn't any gel but the rubber material has been mixed with a special gel (their secret ingredient) which makes their soles incredibly flexible, bouncy and comfortable. Their soles also have memory foam, so once you take off your shoes at the end of the day they will go back to their original shape ready to look after your feet the next day.

Lots of attention, care and passion has gone into every pair of Anatomics and we're sure you'll agree that when you put on a pair you'll feel this.


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